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Pookas don't exist. Do they? MysteryVisits challenges your view of reality with a visit from Elwood P. Dowd, the best friend of the famous invisible six-foot-tall rabbit, Harvey, a pooka who knows everything, is prepared to prove it, and how are you, Mr. Wilson? Hop to Harvey's Pooka Page.


MysteryVisits was honored in 1999 to bring the world's greatest detective to London's Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221B Baker Street � the first time he had been portrayed properly in his own home! For more photos and details, see our Baker Street pages.


MysteryVisits brought mental- and physical-health pioneer C.W. Post to life for the 100th anniversary of the founding of Post Cereals, presenting a series of programs in Post's own office. This portrayal of the "Road to Wellville" entrepreneur - who kept company with spiritualists and mind-science practitioners - was so popular that, in 1999, Post's biggest competitor, Kellogg Co., allowed "C.W." to be the *only* official greeter at the opening of its new tourist destination and museum, Cereal City USA, in Battle Creek, Michigan, for local residents and historians.


Psychic Entertainers Association


MysteryVisits Prime Friends may book our programs, participate in our services and use our resources at a 33 percent reduced rate. This special privilege, obtained for $250 per year, produces great savings for those planning to enjoy our programs regularly.

* What a REPEAT CLIENT says about MysteryVisits' programs.
* What PARTICIPANTS say about MysteryVisits' events.
* A major PUBLIC EVENT prepared by MysteryVisits.

* Our wonder-filled programs for audiences of all ages and sizes: THIS PAGE.
* Private personal empowerment in one-on-one consultations at Willowshade, MysteryVisits' secluded, nonsectarian retreat.
* Our paranormal investigations for home events and private insight.
* Our mental skills sessions during personal enrichment seminars.


Robert Lund, curator of the American Museum of Magic,
discusses Harry Houdini's Milk Can Escape with John Sherwood.

MysteryVisits also can arrange for your group to enjoy a fascinating magic show that's fun for all ages and all audiences. Find out more at our MAGIC PAGE.

Live warmly * love wisely * laugh well!

Our wonder-packed presentations
get people involved - and
make your special events memorable!

You've probably experienced it yourself - or perhaps you know someone to whom it's happened. You know that people can receive "advance warning" - mental flashes of what lies ahead. The future indeed can be known before it happens. What's more, you've wondered how - and why - someone can know such things - and take advantage of that knowledge in a persuasive way that benefits everyone.

At MysteryVisits, we work hard to be informative, so we can give you, your friends and your associates the kind of insights about insight that will have the greatest impact - and produce the greatest result.

Let MysteryVisits arrange for an entertaining presentation for you. And when we're done, we think you'll have developed a new sense of your own powerful foresight as well.

The staff of MysteryVisits understands that "being psychic" or "being intuitive" sometimes are ways of saying that people are able to anticipate changes, weigh the probabilities and make persuasive changes, often subconsciously. Everyone understands that a person may be able to "look ahead" consciously, make some informed guesses and say he has the gift of objective foresight. But intuitive foresight also comes to us as part of our subjective and subconscious mental powers, through the use of that part of our brains we don't normally control consciously.

The challenge is to steer this subconscious gift *knowingly,* with constructive purpose and purposeful, persuasive intent. That's what we try to do at MysteryVisits - in a style that's entertaining, engaging and enlightening.

MysteryVisits' uniquely literate, laugh-provoking programs are varied and flexible to meet your time restraints, space requirements, topic demands and audience sizes. Every performance gets people into the act in a casual and respectful way, without embarassment. We also touch the emotions memorably to captivate and educate - and we specialize in the healing impact of humor!

We invite inquiries from meeting planners, human-resources professionals and event schedulers. MysteryVisits' entertaining, informative programs help corporations and fund-raisers to generate publicity, bolster community relations and coach employees. Gifted-and-talented programs and educational organizations also call on us for our problem-solving dramatizations and consultation services. Charitable organizations, libraries and schools may book our basic half-hour Sherlock Holmes program at a 60 percent discount!

QUESTION: How long have you been a psychic entertainer?
Answer: John has been demonstrating his intriguing talents since the mid-1960s, when he was a young man in Michigan.

QUESTION: I'm interested in booking one of your programs. What are your rates, when are you available and how much time do you need to prepare?
Answer: It never hurts to ask us whether we're available at your scheduled time and date - even if it happens to be tomorrow! But, if you contact us a week before your date, you shouldn't be surprised if we're unable to help you. If you can call us a few months in advance, it's much more likely that we can work things out! Your best chances of securing our availability is to plan your event for a weekday evening or any time of day on a Saturday or Sunday. As for our rates, you'll find many of them listed on this page - just scroll down to the program that interests you!

QUESTION: When I hire you, what must I provide?
Answer: A suitable performance area, a bit of time for setting up - and an audience. Beyond that - very little! We provide and carry all performance equipment, but don't provide a platform or large-scale sound system (most venues prefer that we use theirs). So, unless we're performing in your home in one of our more relaxed programs, we ask that you provide a sound system (wireless microphone or platform microphone) and a suitable area for performance. If a lighted stage or platform isn't available, we require a cleared, well-lighted spot approximately 12 feet by 12 feet in size, as centrally situated as possible rather than at one end of the room; typically, we can adapt if the space is in the physical center of your audience area.

QUESTION: Do you require a contract?
Answer: If that's your preferred way to do business, we can set up a contractual agreement. When multiple services or performances are involved, sometimes a contract is best so all your needs will be met. In most cases, however, a verbal agreement is sufficient. We want you to be able to recommend our services to others, so our aim is definitely to please you.

QUESTION: Do you want me to provide information to you in advance about who will attend?
Answer: That's not necessary unless you want us to honor or focus on someone in the group during the presentation. Some alleged "psychics" - and we use the word dubiously - do rely on such information. We'd prefer not to be associated with such people.

QUESTION: Do you do any of those embarrassing stunts with "hypnotized" people?
Answer: Never! Our programs are dignified and intended to educate and entertain. Under no circumstances would we embarrass anyone or try to turn anyone into the target of an inappropriate joke. Our programs - while still humorous and amusing - are "clean" and free of inappropriate remarks or gags.

QUESTION: We have an unusual event planned. Can you prepare a customized program - such as an interactive mystery or a specialized paranormal investigation - adapted to our particular situation?
Answer: We've designed specialized presentations throughout our career. Tell us your needs and expectations, and we'll discuss the resources we offer. In short, we'll do our best to give you what you're looking for.

QUESTION: In your psychic-entertainment performances for groups, do you ever divulge private, personal information that people wouldn't necessarily want revealed?
Answer: We couldn't hold up our heads in public if we did. Private is private. All confidences are regarded seriously, and we would never reveal information to others that should remain yours alone! Sometimes we ask people to think of friends or incidents in their past in an effort to establish an emotional "charge" to their energies, but if we detect thoughts of a sensitive nature, we tend to bypass them - and forget about them.

Professional growth events:
(Fees do not include compensation for travel, lodging and other necessary expenses.)
Wishes, Wonders and Wealth - How to Flex Your Mind: Reboot your own portable computer - your brain - and bring it up to speed with powerful mental exercises. In 10-, 30-minute and 45-minute formats. For stage, platform, banquet or conference settings. 10 minutes, $75; 20 minutes, $125; 30 minutes, $150.
Creating Rapport for Results: How to get onto another person's seemingly private "wavelength" through self-empowering mental skills. In 30-minute and 45-minute formats. For platform, banquet or conference settings. 30 minutes, $150; 45 minutes, $225.
Sherlock Holmes at Your Service: Praised as one of the finest portrayals ever, the great detective himself explains how to use a variety mental techniques to achieve superb solutions. In 30-minute and 45-minute formats. For stage, platform, banquet, retreat or conference settings. $200 minimum fee. Learn how to bring Sherlock Holmes to your event - as host, guest or sleuth!
Ruthless Tactics of Rare Minds: Help your staff boost its awareness level, memory skill, motivation, client rapport and creative genius. In 30-minute, 1 hour and 2-hour formats. For platform, banquet, retreat or conference settings. 30 minutes, $200; 1 hour, $350; 2 hour, $500.

Compelling adult entertainment:
Primal Wonders and Supernatural People: A program tailored to your needs and interests. Experiments in hypnotic suggestion, psychometry, clairvoyance and remote reviewing, telepathy, psychokinesis, applied kinesthesiology, sortilege and prophecy are all part of the repertoire and may be drawn upon. Best of all, this is a stimulating search for unusual skills hidden within the audience - and the results are different every time. You and your friends are shown how to display your own astonishing mental powers. Who knows? You may be the star of the program! For stage, table, yard, platform, banquet or conference settings. Especially suitable for repeat engagements. 10 minutes, $75; 20 minutes, $125; 30 minutes, $150; additional time in increments of 10 minutes, $45.
Houdini's Ghost Tour: In the 1920s, Harry Houdini tried to convince the world that there were no ghosts and no spirit mediums. At the same time, he was planning to contact his wife from the afterlife! This program, one of our most popular since 1983, scans Houdini's life, his bizarre talents, his daring escapes and his suspicious death. In 30-minute and 45-minute formats. For stage, banquet or platform settings. 30 minutes, $150; 45 minutes, $200.
Mind-Reading Considered as One of the Fine Arts: Bewildering demonstrations of mental marvels ranging from amazing one-on-one thought transference to the subtleties of psychic influence and hypnotic suggestion. In 10-, 20-, 30-minute and 45-minute formats. For stage, platform, banquet or conference settings. 10 minutes, $75; 20 minutes, $125; 30 minutes, $150.
[In preparation] Telepaths, Unite!: Laugh and marvel at this uniquely theatrical presentation by a pair of telepath-testing time-travelers who will ask *you* to use your mind to stop a war in 4091 A.D.! Only in a 30-minute format. For stage, banquet or platform settings. 30 minutes, $200.
[In preparation] They Know Your Thoughts!: A challenging, humorous and memorable re-creation of a Victorian-era mind-reading show, performed by honest-to-goodness, colorful Victorians (or someone a lot like them). Astonishing demonstrations of precognition, telepathy and clairvoyance. In 30-minute and 45-minute formats. For stage, banquet or platform settings. 30 minutes, $250; 45 minutes, $350.

Unique and educational:
[In preparation] Yohannes the Mystic's Whispered Tales for Dark Nights: A playful presentation in which the weirdest immortal walking the planet goes hunting for trouble across space and time as he battles - and defeats - the ShadowMind's mischief and mayhem. Some of his bizarre stories can hardly be believed - and neither can your eyes! For stage, table, yard, platform, banquet or conference settings. Especially suitable for repeat engagements. 30 minutes, $250; 45 minutes, $350.
[In preparation] Spooky Shakespeare: One of our top programs for high schools, gifted-and-talented groups and collegiate situations. More than just a look at great literature - the ghosts and magical creatures of the Bard's immortal tales become vivid in an imaginative presentation. In 30-minute and 45-minute formats. For stage, platform, conference or classroom settings. 30 minutes, $250; 45 minutes, $350.
[In preparation] Tombs, Curses and Lost History: A mystifying look at the strange places and even stranger people throughout history and across the world, from the ancient lore and miraculous powers reputed to have been in use in Sumeria and Egypt, to the mystique of China and Tibet and the lost skills of the secret practitioners in the modern era. For stage, platform, conference or classroom settings. 30 minutes, $250; 45 minutes, $350.

For younger groups of various ages:
Harvey the Pooka Knows Everything: After our Sherlock Holmes presentations, this has been our most praised portrayal. Elwood P. Dowd explains how he came to know Harvey, the famous giant invisible rabbit, who not only shows up for the event, but also demonstrates some strange talents! How is it possible? Only Harvey can tell. This presentation is in a 30-minute format only. For stage, platform or classroom settings. 30 minutes, $250.
"Eerie" Josh Erie, the Bargain-Counter Intuitive: One wacko guy comes in and washes your brain inside and out. How? Don't ask! For stage, platform or classroom settings. A varied presentation particularly suitable for repeat engagements.30 minutes, $250; 45 minutes, $350.
[In preparation] Mysteries in the Sky: A battle between astronomers and astrologers for the control of understanding the cosmos! Only in a 30-minute format. For stage, platform or classroom settings. 30 minutes, $250.
How not to be Afraid of Ghosts: Kids need this information because they don't know it by themselves. An entertaining - and calming - talk by "Eerie" Josh Erie. Only in a 20-minute format. For stage, platform or classroom settings. 20 minutes, $175.
The Monster Under Your Bed Isn't So Tough: Besides, it's not really a monster. "Eerie" Josh Erie tells it like it is, and helps parents get some well-deserved rest! Only in a 20-minute format. For stage, platform or classroom settings. 20 minutes, $175.

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MysteryVisits presents challenging, enlightening entertainment! For details, call 610 / 345-0936 or send your date, needs and budget to ... !


PRIVACY POLICY: Private thoughts and personal histories discerned and/or viewed by MysteryVisits' staff are
disclosed privately and solely for instructional and/or entertainment purposes, and *never* are revealed publicly
with any harmful efffect or intent. Information of a sensitive and private nature *always* is treated with
discretion and with the client's privacy held in the utmost importance.

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