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"This very small work is useful well beyond its size."
- Steven Rothman, Baker Street Inventory,
Baker Street Journal, Vol. 55, No. 1, Spring 2005

Presenting ...




The serious Sherlockian is a student of the great detective and his times.

But be honest: Have you ever been at a loss when trying to remember that elusive Canonical fact? The one just on the tip of the tongue? The one you really should be able to answer - but you've left your library of Sherlockian reference works at home?

pocksher Now you can keep the answers in your pocket!

THE POCKET SHERLOCK, measuring just four inches wide by five inches high, is the reference that can slip in a pocket, go everywhere - and yield answers to thousands of questions about the Canon and the realm of Sherlockian publishing!

THE POCKET SHERLOCK is an essential "guide to the Canon" for the novice reader of the tales of Sherlock Holmes, providing much-needed orientation in the Victorian world and the realm of the master detective, as well as hundreds of answers to questions that may crop up while reading.

Prepared originally in 1987 for clandestine use by professional Sherlock Holmes impersonator John C. Sherwood and the staff of MysteryVisits, THE POCKET SHERLOCK draws from the expertise of many predecessors, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, W.S. Baring-Gould, J.F. Christ, John Bennett Shaw, Jack Tracy, Michael Hardwick and Stephen Clarkson. Similar compact guides have been printed in the past, but THE POCKET SHERLOCK is the only such volume still in print and readily available!

"The Pocket Sherlock? I never leave home without it." - Beth Austin, Gasogene XIV, Watson's Tin Box, Ellicott City, Maryland, USA

Since its inception in 1987, THE POCKET SHERLOCK has been updated and designed for more extensive content, and even easier use. Even smaller products have been developed for quick, convenient reference - THE WALLET SHERLOCK and THE BOOKMARK SHERLOCK.

"John Sherwood has been impersonating Sherlock Holmes for many years, using a handy-dandy (and easily concealed) portable guide to the Canon that he's now sharing with those who might wish to benefit from his careful research." - Peter E. Blau, "Black Peter," Baker Street Irregulars, New York City, USA

"John Sherwood has developed a great tool for Sherlockians who like to refer to the stories. The best part is that I can keep it in my pocket and read summaries of the best stories in the world when I need a quick reference or when I want some great entertainment." - Andy Solberg, "Professor Coram," Baker Street Irregulars, New York City, USA

"We had our Blue Carbuncle dinner on Saturday and the 'Pocket Sherlocks' that I gave to everyone in attendance were a big hit. Everyone thought they were a great idea. Great job!" - William Sawisch, president, Hugo's Companions, Oak Park, Illinois USA

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Packed into the 78 pages of the 2005 edition of THE POCKET SHERLOCK are:

* Full one-page synopses of the 60 accepted chronicles, each stated in approximately 100 words
* An ordered presentation that follows the W.S. Baring-Gould chronology
* Identities of actual and suspected victims and perpetrators, as well as other participants
* Crimes both actual and suspected, plus a cross-referential grid to locate cases involving specific crimes
* Chronicle publication dates and order, as well as first anthology appearances
* J. Finley Christ notation index
* Unrecorded cases and bibliographic references
* Personal data for Sherlock Holmes and John H. Watson
* Illustrations of London and the Baker Street flat
* Historical timeline for the period of Holmes's active practice
* Pithy quotations and chronicle sources, including �
* "The Seven Basic Lessons of Sherlock Holmes"

"A nice job! It's an ideal companion/vade mecum/aide-m�moire for the Sherlockian - and I'm sure it has helped to create a few new ones." - William Hyder, member, Baker Street Irregulars, New York City, USA

THE POCKET SHERLOCK was devised for quick - and, yes, secret - consultation during the performance of mystery entertainments devised by MysteryVisits from 1987 through 2000. As a result, it is small in size and easy to use - even though it is comprehensive and almost encyclopedic.

"I love it - it's a great compact 'crib sheet' for quizzes, or just to refresh one's memory of a story. All the additional assorted data is a real bonus! 'I especially like the Crime Grid/Pastiche Generator! And I love having the maps of London, Baker Street, and the bedrooms and sitting room of 221B all in one place, next to each other!" - Debbie Clark, member, Watson's Tin Box, Ellicott City, Maryland, USA

MysteryVisits' Sherlock Holmes - John C. Sherwood - has traveled across the United States to supervise scores of private events focusing on the world's first consulting detective. Sherwood has been "adopted" as the 'resident Holmes" by the Stormy Petrels of Maumee Bay (Ohio), the Criterion Bar Association of Chicago (Illinois), the Ribston Pippins of Royal Oak (Michigan) and Watson's Tin Box of Ellicott City (Maryland). He also has greeted visitors to the annual "Saturday with Sherlock Holmes" at the Pratt Free Library in Baltimore (Maryland), and at the Sherlock Holmes Museum (London, England). And yet, he still relies on THE POCKET SHERLOCK.

"How did I ever get along without 'The Pocket Sherlock' before?! There are times when I want a short answer without having to lug around a tome, and this little volume is indispensable for those occasions. I really do like the concise format and the amount of information which you have included on each page. Thanks!" - Paul G. Churchill, founding member, Watson's Tin Box, Ellicott City, Maryland, USA

THE POCKET SHERLOCK makes a superb gift - or a quiz prize for Sherlockians and Sherlockian societies to present at special occasions. Don't miss the special discount rates for multiple copies, listed below under "Special Offer."

"What an admirably efficient little volume! I'm thoroughly impressed at how much information can be conveyed with only a cursory glance. This infinitely useful booklet is going to live up to its title and reside in my pocket very frequently indeed. " - Scott Tate, Alamosa, CO, USA

"It's terrific! I even want to get the CD version to help me in mastering the Master. You've made what I feel is a significant contribution to the literature, and I thank you." - Russell Hultgren, member, Watson's Tin Box of Ellicott City, Maryland, USA

Naturally, there's no substitute for reading and studying the exciting original chronicles in all their glory. However, there's also no substitute for having a concise reference at hand when the full Canon isn't within reach. MysteryVisits hopes you agree.


Starting in September 2005, THE POCKET SHERLOCK will take varied forms:

* The current POCKET SHERLOCK with canonical cases in Baring-Gould order. Cost: $10 per booklet. * ORDER NOW ~ Click on the PayPal links immediately below *

Deliveries within the continental United States:
Order THE POCKET SHERLOCK for just $10 per copy, plus shipping and handling ~ $2 in the United States ($12 total - Click PayPal button immediately below.)

Domestic orders only:

Foreign and international orders:
Remit additional postage costs; expect delivery within six weeks. ($16 total - Click PayPal button immediately below.)

Foreign orders only

* THE BOOKMARK SHERLOCK, a trifold card 2"x7" - easily used as a bookmark, it unfolds to reveal detailed information about the tales and their publication in four formats - alphabetical, Baring-Gould order, published order and in order of hardcover publication. Incorporates all four versions of THE WALLET SHERLOCK, a trifold card easily kept in a wallet. Order ALL FOUR different versions of The Wallet Sherlock for $3 or ONE copy of The Bookmark Sherlock for $3 - or, for a "doubled" order of $6, receive *either* 10 Wallet Sherlocks (any type) or THREE Bookmark Sherlocks. * ORDER NOW - See PayPal button below and specify item in your order *
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DON'T HAVE PAYPAL? To order with a check or money order: (1) Compute order on a sheet of paper, which must be included, with details of item(s) desired. (2) Make out check or money order to John C. Sherwood. (3) Include your surface mailing address. (4) Send order to John C. Sherwood, Willowshade, 120 Quimby Road, West Grove, PA 19390. Personal checks must clear our bank before the item can be shipped; this can add three days to the process. Shipment will occur immediately after that time. Payments made via money order eliminate this extra wait.Items will be sent via first-class mail, and should arrive three or four days after shipment.

SPECIAL SAVINGS: MULTIPLE ORDERS of THE POCKET SHERLOCK may be made at a discount, as follows:
~ Five to nine booklets, $9 per copy, plus $3 for shipping
~ 10 to 20 booklets, $8.25 per copy, plus $5 for shipping
~ 21 to 35 booklets, $7.50 per copy, plus $7 for shipping
~ 36 to 50 booklets, $6.75 per copy, plus $9 for shipping
~ 51 to 100 booklets, $6 per copy, plus $12 for shipping

(International multiple orders: Contact MysteryVisits to confirm cost of order plus shipping.)

ADDITIONAL SAVINGS: Buyers making payments through PAYPAL may SUBTRACT $1 PER ORDER for orders of from 1 to 9 copies; $5 PER ORDER for orders of from 10 to 20 copies; $10 PER ORDER for orders of from 21 to 35 copies; $15 PER ORDER for orders of from 36 to 50 copies; $20 PER ORDER for orders of from 51 to 100 copies. [Click on the button immediately below. Please make appropriate changes on PayPal order form and detail your calculations.]

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