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Your Birthday's Mystical Significance
according to the study of numerical lore.

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One of our clients was born on 25 July 1950, which was a Tuesday. His wife was born on 14 January 1969, which was *also* a Tuesday. With birthdays both ruled by Mars, they have challenges and compatibilities governed by their shared traits. Now, if you'd like to learn -- or verify -- on what day of the week you were born, enter your Day, Month and Year of birth in the boxes below, then press the "Tell Me!" button. You'll be told the day of the week of your birth, the astrological ruling planet for the day -- and a special magic square assigned exclusively to the date of your birth.

You also may use this page to calculate the days of the week for any date after the adoption of the Gregorian Calendar in 1753 up until approximately the year 3850. Dates before 1753 are assigned to the old Julian Calendar, which is no longer in use.

Day of Month (1-31):
Numerical Month (1-12):
Year (such as 1958):

Date of Birth:

The program has created a special Magic Square whose top horizontal row is the SAME as the date of the birthday you've provided. Notice that the Mystical Number is the sum of the numbers in the top row. But it's ALSO the sum of the numbers in each of the second, third and fourth horizontal rows! And it's ALSO the sum of the numbers in each of the vertical rows! What's more, if you add the numbers in the corner boxes, you ALSO get the Mystical Number!

The Magic Square's mystical number also indicates a variety of numerological factors influencing your day-to-day life, as follows:

0 -- indicates an easygoing nature, acceptance, dissipation
1 -- indicates purpose, action, aggression, ambition
2 -- indicates a sense of antithesis and extremes held in balance
3 -- indicates versatility, talent and a sense of joy
4 -- indicates a sense of great solidity and endurance
5 -- indicates a love of adventure and general but undependable good fortune
6 -- indicates dependability and harmony with nature
7 -- indicates a love of mystery, study and knowledge
8 -- indicates material success and an acquisitive nature
9 -- indicates universal achievement and inspiration.

Placement of these digits in your mystical number also is important. When occupying the FIRST place, the digit indicates what is influencing your *outward* nature, or that nature which others see in you and which you attempt to present to others. When occupying the SECOND place, the digit indicates what is influcing *you* from the outside world, and how you respond to it. When occupying the THIRD place, the digit indicates what is solely part of your *inner nature* and how you govern your inward thoughts and desires.

NOTE: If there is *no* third digit in your mystical number, numerologists say it is implied by the first two digits. ADD the first two digits. If you get a one-digit result, that is the third number in the series. If you get a two-digit result, add the two digits of the result and you will get a single digit; that single digit is the third number in your series.

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