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Ancient Cultures Database
Bible-related links
History Wired
Museum of Photography
The Old Bailey records (London)
Civilization chart
Forum of Trajan
The Roman Empire
Roman resources
Roman texts - Suetonius
Roman Numerals
Medieval studies reference
Egyptologica Vlaanderen VZW
History Web Ring
Marshall's Crosswhite Case
Underground Railroad
Sojourner Truth Institute
Michigan History
Michigan Secretary of State
Historical Society of Battle Creek
U.S. Civil War Center
Gettysburg Discussion Group
3rd Battery: Civil War Artillery
Panoramic Maps Collection
National Archives and Records Administration
The Civil War Miscellany
World War II Timeline
Save Our Sounds
Voices of the Holocaust
National Archives
Presidential Libraries
National Trust
National Register
Preservation Action
Smithsonian Institution
Encyclopedia Titanica
Titanic Information
White Star Line Foundation / Titanic
Cunard Archives: Titanic
Titanic Society
British archeology
British Museum
Today-in-History PAGE of SCOPE SYSTEMS.
MSU Vincent Voice Library
The History Channel¨
The WWWorld of Archaeology
Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology
Index of/anthology
NOVA Online | Treasures of the Sunken City
Burial Site of the Sons of Ramesses(Cipra96)
Secrets of the Lost Tomb
Historical Manuscripts Commission
Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts Webpages
Pook's Hill

Holocaust sites
House of the Wannsee-Conference Memorial and Education
German Historical Museum
Topography of Terror Foundation
Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum
Yad Vashem
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

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