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State Department Climate site

United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Pew Center

Global Climate Coalition

Global Climate issues

Impact cratering on Earth

Megalania: Dinosaur news

Pterosaur Page

Soc. for Vertebrate Paleontology

Fossil Surgery Page

Australian Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Tracks in Utah Coal Mines

The Mighty Triceratops

Beri's Dinosaur World

Royal Tyrell Museum

Dinosauria Online

Dinosaur Trace Fossils

British Natural History Museum Paleo Dept.

Geology & Dinosaur sites
Dinosaur Reference Center

Dinosaur Art and Modeling

Paleogeographic Atlas Project

Global Earth History

Coleopterists Society

Tree of Life Home Page

Volcano World

Earthquake Infoformation

U.S. Geological Survey -- Flagstaff

Geoscience Information Center

Meteor Crater.

Grand Canyon.

Houston Museum of Natural Science

Birch Aquarium, Scripps/Oceanography

American Museum of Natural History

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

Wood's Hole Oceanographic Institution

Rockhounds Information

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