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To visit the Arcanum, give the SIGN
to prove that you are properly prepared.

If you fail, you may be able to gain access if you contact the GATEKEEPER
to arrange an exchange to ensure security.

The SIGN is a sequence of nine lower-case letters,
grouped as a single word (e.g., "xxxxxxxxx"):

The first two are initials of the *birth name* of a male who toured with an anti-Spiritualist program in the 1920s, was charged with having mediumistic powers, and planned contact with his wife after death.
The second two are the initials of another male (or his son), a contemporary of the above, who often levitated illuminated bulbs.
The third two are the initials of the *birth name* of the author/creator of the "color series" and "Video Mind" series:
The final three are initials of the global society that publishes "The Linking Ring."

If you are not a transnormal Wonder-Worker but still seek entry, you are urged to make an exchange through PayPal. This adds no costs beyond our entry fee, which will be provided on request. If not a PayPal member, first join, then click directly on the white button below to go to the

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... or contact the GATEKEEPER.
... or retreat in humiliation to MysteryVisits' PORTAL.


Robert Lund, curator of the American Museum of Magic,
discusses Harry Houdini's Milk Can Escape with John Sherwood.

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