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"Sherlock Holmes kept the children spellbound as he taught them to deduce from the facts and to - as he himself practices - 'never guess.' - It was so encouraging and very rewarding to see the involvement of the children .... As Mr. Holmes said at the conclusion of the program, 'There is hope for this generation.' - Jacquelynn Morris, Howard County (Md.) Library, August 2006

Sherlock Holmes Visits!
* Presentations by John C. Sherwood *


... at the Sherlock Holmes Museum, Baker Street, London, England, in 1999 ...

John C. Sherwood as Sherlock Holmes at The Victorian Villa Inn ...

... in charcoal, rendered by Mark McGovern of the Stormy Petrels of Maumee Bay (Ohio) ...

... in oil, rendered by Daniel Frey of Ohio.

Mr. Sherlock Holmes no longer accepts investigative cases - except when the circumstances prove exceptionally intruiguing. However, he remains available for consultation and discussion about the many aspects of his eventful, century-and-a-half-long life.

At last, you and your friends can meet the man whom The Criterion Bar Association of Chicago has described as "certainly the genuine article" and whom noted Sherlockian scholar Chris Redmond (BSI) has described as "Sherlock Holmes to the life."

Other scion societies of the Baker Street Irregulars who have arranged for Mr. Holmes to be present at their gatherings are the Stormy Petrels of Maumee Bay, Ohio; the Ribston Pippins of Royal Oak, Michigan; and Watson's Tin Box of Ellicott City, Maryland. Each year since 2003, the Tin Box has joined with two other Baltimore scion societies for special events during which Mr. Holmes also has been present.

If you wish to bring the world of Sherlock Holmes to your next business meeting, banquet, fund-raiser or exclusive event, make certain that your schedule conforms with that of Mr. Holmes. In the role of the Baker Street detective, John C. Sherwood offers a variety of distinguished events:

** SHERLOCK HOLMES' SEVEN BASIC LESSONS: A witty presentation of methods and techniques that the Great Detective has used to solve his cases. If you don't watch out, you just might end up smarter than when you began to listen!

** SHERLOCK HOLMES DEMONSTRATES: The sleuth will focus his deductive power on audience members, often determining character from pocket items � and even deducing who is telling the truth and who is fibbing! There are moments when this presentation gets so exciting that people expect blood to be shed!

** DINNER WITH SHERLOCK HOLMES: Your self-catered dinner is hosted by Sherlock Holmes, who will offer toasts, pithy observations and intellectual challenges, while answering any and all questions your guests may have about his eventful life!

** SHERLOCK HOLMES SPEAKS: The sleuth will visit your organization and present an entertaining and enlightening speech about problem-solving skills, drawing on examples from his career, both in the grand old days of Victorian London as well as during modern days in the United States!

Learn what noted Sherlock Holmes experts have said about this portrayal.

** "A SCANDAL IN BOHEMIA": What many regard as our most entertaining presentation features John Sherwood as Dr. John Watson, recollecting his experience with Sherlock Holmes in tracking down "The Woman," the American adventuress Irene Adler! This is not simply a "reading" but a one-man theatrical presentation of Conan Doyle's classic tale of intrigue and derring-do!

Read a review of "A Scandal in Bohemia" by clicking HERE.

N.B.: These programs generally are available at any time *after* 7:30 p.m. weekdays if the performance location is within a 100-mile radius of Marshall, Michigan, USA, as well as any time most Saturdays and Sundays.

"I'd like to convey my thanks to Mr. Holmes and the members of Watson's Tin Box for their presentations. The programs were quite successful and the kids enjoyed them. It was so kind of the presenters to give so much of their time and of Mr. Holmes to travel so far." - Irva Nichlas-Gabin, children's librarian, Howard County (Md.) Library, East Columbia Branch, August 2006

JOHN C. SHERWOOD is a professional Sherlock Holmes impersonator residing in the U.S. state of Michigan, near Sarnia, Ontario. From 1987 to 1999, he presided over a series of intense mystery weekends and dinners at a widely known guest house in Michigan, The Victorian Villa Inn. Over the course of more than 110 individual one-, two- and three-day productions at the Villa, Sherwood established a record for the greatest amount of time any living actor has spent in character as the Master Detective, surpassing the combined hours spent in films, television and radio by the late Basil Rathbone and the late Jeremy Brett.

EACH PROGRAM involves entertainment for approximately two hours, subject to your needs and environment. ANY SINGLE PRODUCTION may be contracted for $200.00 per performance, plus travel and lodging expenses as required; A SCANDAL IN BOHEMIA may be contracted for $100.00 per performance, plus travel and lodging expenses as required.

Text copyright 1999-2015 by MysteryVisits.com, Marshall, Michigan, USA

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