Transfer Factor TM
Transfer Factor Represents a New Paradigm
in Nutrition and Health Care

40 years in research! More than 3,000 studies on transfer factors!

Scientists from more than seventy nations have conducted research on transfer factors

Hundreds of medical professionals are recommending the product.
I believe Transfer Factor™ is, without a doubt, the greatest discovery of the century in supporting and modulating the immune system. I believe a strengthened immune system will be the primary way to stay well in the future. This nutrient can affect the immune system like nothing else can. I sincerely believe everyone should consume this product." Rob Robertson, M.D
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4Life Research is a nutritional research company that is a world leader in the science of wellness.

Formulas developed by the Biochemists at 4Life Research have been endorsed by world renowned medical doctors and immunologists and is listed in the Physicians Desk Reference(PDR).
2003 PDR
for Nonprescription Drugs
and Dietary Supplements!
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Physicians have turned to PDR® for the latest word on prescription drugs for over 55 years! Today, PDR is considered the standard prescription drug reference and can be found in virtually every physician’s office, hospital and pharmacy in the United States.
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"Harnassing the potential of transfer factors represents the greatest leap forward in the histroy of nutritional science. Targeting transfer factors opens a complete new dimension in technological advancement in health and nutrition. Never before in the history of Network Marketing has there been a product introduced into this industry that has such vast supporting science, studied by such a diverse group of researchers that were without commercial interest." David Markowitz, MD
"For the past fifteen years I have suffered from chronic bronchitis, regular sinus infections, and severe allergies. I suffered from fatigue, migraine headaches, joint pain, and an overall weakening. After eight months transfer factor, I am a new person. I feel like transfer factor saved my life. I tried every nutrient that I could find, but only transfer factor made the difference." Naomi Jackson, Kansas.
This is not a drug, vitamin,mineral, herb, or phytonutrient.  this is a Scientic Breakthrough!
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