Labas oh hejsa! Welcome to a page of our Dream Baby Boy!!!
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Beeing parents to 6 daughters we were always asked if we
*were trying for a boy someday*.
My husband used to say NO, but lately he obviously changed his mind (it was an answer to my prayers...) :
"WHY NOT? Seven is such a lucky number, isn't it?"- he said

***Names I love: Lasse, Sven, Olaf

***We both agree on: Markus


2/06/05 - First day of my cycle
2/18/05 - A little bit fertile
2/19/05 - Fertile
2/20/05 - VERY fertile
2/21/05 - time to ovulate
3/07/05 - End of cycle
3/06/05 - A home pregnancy test may work now
3/10/05 - No period? Maybe pregnant!
11/21/05 - If YES, this is my approximate due date.

In that case:

* Dad will be 36
* Mom will be 34
* #1 sister Ada will be 17
* #2 sister Ida will be 13
* #3 sister Britta will be almost 9
* #4 sister Anna will be almost 5
* #5 & #6 sisters Kerstin and Lisa will be 19 months

My son's birthstone will be Yellow Topaz (Fidelity)
My son's Astrological Sign will be Scorpio
My son's Flower will be Chrysanthemum (Dark Blue, Red and Yellow)
My son will be born in the Chinese Year of The Rooster
My son will start kindergarten in 2011, be old enough to drive a car in 2021, finish high school in 2024, and will graduate from college with the class of 2028 (Give or take a year)

Precious one,
So small,
So sweet

Dancing in
on angel feet
Straight from Heaven's
brightest star

What a miracle
you are!


Babies are Angels
that fly to the earth,
their wings disappear
at the time of their birth.
One look in their eyes
and we're never the same.
They're part of us now
and that part has a name.
That part is your heart
and a bond that won't sever,
our Babies are Angels,
we love them forever.







To increase your chances of having a boy, have sex on within 48 hours of ovulation.
Have your partner wear boxers. A male with a high sperm count is more likely to have a boy.
Have your partner drink a caffeinated beverage right before sex. This makes the Y-Sperm more active.
Deep penetration during intercourse ("man-behind-woman") places sperm closer to the egg and favors a boy.
When a woman has an orgasm, the result is more alkaline, which favors boys. Put your partner to work!
For the average couple, having sex once per day provides the best chance of getting pregnant.
To optimize your chances of getting pregnant, after your partner ejaculates, remain on your on your back with your hips elevated for 20-30 minutes.
The woman-on-top position isn't great for pregnancy, since ejaculate may flow out.

Most women have a 15 to 25 percent chance of getting pregnant during their cycle.
Nearly 50 percent of couples conceive during the first 3 months.
About 75 percent of couples conceive during the first 6 months.
Up to 90 percent of couples conceive during the first year.
On the average, there are 280 days from the first day of your last period to your due date.
Source: Babies Online

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