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*Let us hurry to love others; they go away so quickly*

February Family Events
*16.February - Anna turns 4.

Welcome to Algirdas, Ingrid, Ada, Ida, Britta, Anna, Kerstin and Lisa! We are a family with Swedish and Lithuanian backgrounds. We are military and have 6 daughters ages from 16 years to 9 months old twins. Now we live in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, which is just a place full of magic! If you are interested in a little more detailed info on us - just follow this link.

We are so glad you've decided to visit our site! Explore our photo galleries, as well as the pages I made for all the girls. Visit also Swedish/Lithuanian section full of various, interesting and probably new info on our countries. Or maybe you enjoy painting or poetry as much as I do?

I manage couple of webrings as well. They are mostly family/babies/motherhood and victorian oriented. So if you have such site, maybe you would like to browse through them and join one or two... or even all of them!

Have a great day and don't forget to sign our guestbook or send an email. And DO take your time to place a pin on the virtual map below to let us know where are you from... I've just fallen in love with this little stuff!!!! :-)

*Note* We will move to the Great Britain in the next year due to my husband's job. This site is my attempt of using English in practice and the test of what I already mastered and what I still have to work on... I will appreciate every word of encouragement :)

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