It all started . . .
First I would like to say that my husband has been my sole inspiration in my wanting to learn how to ride a motorcycle. Also I would like to give credit to Sue Begley, a co-worker, that took me to see the Honda Rebel 250 that I ended up buying on June 5, 2004 (see pic of my first ride).  I wanted to purchase a Harley so my husband encouraged me to ride his bike (see pic and video clip of my first experience on a big twin).  On June 30, 2004, I purchased my first Harley (less than 30 days after my very first time learning to ride a motorcycle). I have a 2001 Dyna Lowrider - purple with a gorgeous seat (see pic).  I also included a picture of my first trophy.  Other pictures on this page are bike washing day, my husband and I on bikes in Hazard, Kentucky and my first tat.  Please go to our homepage and check out our other pages such as our trip to Key West, Florida, Myrtle Beach, SC Fall Rally 2004 and our video page.    
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Myrtle Beach
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My First Experience on a Big Twin - My Husband's Bike
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My First Trophy 9-25-04
Mountain Heritage Bike Show
Whitesburg, Kentucky
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Showing Bikes to Co-workers
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My First Day Learning to Ride
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My 2001 Dyna Lowrider
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Bike Washing Day
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Getting my First Tat
Key West
Myrtle Beach
Click here to see a 10 second video clip of a test run using my husband's 2002 Softail.
As you can see, it was a success.  I purchased my own twin cam shortly  afterwards.
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Check out the bottle neck sticking out of my pack.
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