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Conférence Internationale des Huguenots
Internasionale Hugenote Konferensie
Internazionale Hugenotten Konferenz
International Huguenot Conference

 A pictorial record of the 3rd International Huguenot Conference, held from September 25 - 27th, 2002 in Stellenbosch and Franschhoek ("French corner"),
South Africa.
The Theological Seminary of Stellenbosch University, main venue of the conference.
Huguenot Monument,
The Huguenot Memorial Museum in Franschhoek 
More than 100 delegates from eleven countries attended the 3rd International Huguenot Conference. At the left prof Pieter Coertzen (South Africa) delivers the keynote speech; at right Mr Randolph Vigne (Great Britain) delivers one of the plenary papers.
Delegates in a relaxing mood at the lunch table
A magnificent organ rectital of improvisations on Genevan Psalter was given by Zorada and Roelof Temmingh.
Gert-Jan Buitink of Belgium displayed some examples of Psalmbooks from his collection.
Mazimierz Bem from Poland delivered a paper on the experiences of the Huguenots in Poland.
Rensche Janse van Rensburg gives the first copy of a CD with music by composers and artists of Huguenot descent to Pieter Coertzen, Chairman of the Huguenot Foundation of S.A.
Anthony Wilson, Chairman of the Huguenot Society of Great Britain, donated an etching of the Theological Seminary building in Stellenbosch to the Huguenot Society of South Africa. From left to right above are: JF Ouvry, Pieter Coertzen, Anthony Wilson & Randolph Vigne.
Delegates gather in the Town Hall of Franschhoek where the Mayor of Stellenbosch, Alderman Willie Meyer, donated a cheque for R100 000 for the restoration of the Huguenot Monument.
The audience during a parallel session held in Franschhoek
Behind the scenes: Exco of the organising committee, prof Pieter Coertzen, Wilma Riekert, Neels Britz
Delegates, left to right: Mr Randolph Vigne (Great Britain), Dr Jane McKee (Northern Ireland), prof Pieter Coertzen (South Africa), Dr Amanda Eurich (USA) , pastor Andreas Flick (Germany)

The CD "Music Commemorating the Huguenots" was released during the 3rd International Huguenot Conference in South Africa. It contains performances by composers and artists of Huguenot descent, including:
  • Ainsi qu'on oit cerf bruire (a commissioned cantata by the composer Hendrik Hofmeyr, based on Psalm 42, specially composed for the 3rd International Huguenot Conference)
  • Performances by the Stellenbosch University Choir, including Psalm 45, "A Carol of the Fleur-de-Lys" (Hubert du Plessis), etc.
  • Seven Boerneef Songs by Mimi Coertze (soprano)
  • Boerneef Song Cycle (composed by Pieter de Villiers, sung by André Howard)
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