Fanfiction by Title

Alone by Nature by CyberSerpent

Amidst the Snowstorm by Crystal

A Promise Kept by Akuma

Balance by Akuma

Choices We Have To Make by CyberSerpent

Feathers by Amis Lee

For the Love of Her by Arcina

Forever, For Never by Akuma

Frozen by Ishida Takeru

Heart of Fire by Ri-chan

Hiei and Yukina: Missing by Ren'ai-chan

Hiei's First Christmas by Hikari

Hiei's Predicament by Queen Yokozuna

Hina Reborn by Top Ace

Hiruiseki: Soul of Glass by Take

His Sacrifice by NemKess

Ice by ARaZhi   *New*

If Only They Knew by Hikari

Ignorance is Bliss by ARaZhi   *New*

Jigsaw! by Maiji

MacHiei by Pan

Melted by Shirin   *New*

Nightmare by Akuma

Noel by Akuma

Pearls of Sadness by Manille

Perfect by Rhionae     sequel to Raindrops and Feet

Prism: Everything But by Luriko-Ysabeth

Raindrops and Feet by Rhionae

Red by Take

Red Eyes by Yosei

Return of the Forbidden Child by Hieiko

Ruby-Eyed Gaze by Akuma

Shisou Hiei: Unspoken by Take

Shisou Yukina: Waiting For the Day by Take

Sino Ka? by Hieiko     written in Filipino

Tear-Drop Catcher by Hikari

The Cold Truth by Hieiko

The Engagement by ARaZhi   *New*

The Lines of Hate and Love by Hikari

The Pain Inside by CyberSerpent

Two by Sylph

Two Hearts Beating As One by Akuma

Unsaid by April

Warmth by Akuma

Will You... by Maiji

Without You by Arcina


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