Ruby-Eyed Gaze

by Akuma

Every Breath You Take

Every breath you take

[We see Yukina, taking a deep breath as she admires a winter morning.]

Every move you make

[She twirls in a circle, humming happily.]

Every bond you break

[Suddenly visible around her are very fine, thin strands, like spider's
that fade off into the distance.  As the Koorime spins, one or two of
filaments break, as if in response to her humming, since the filaments
move with her.]

Every step you take

[The filaments vanish as Yukina stops spinning and takes a few steps
to admire a little iced-over waterfall.]

I'll be watching you.

[The scene pans out to show Hiei, watching silently from the trees.]

Every single day

[Overlaying a close-up of Hiei from the previous shot, several pages
from a
day-at-a-time calendar flip past.  Hiei's face fades out slowly as the
flip by.]

Every word you say

[Fade to a scene of Yukina, laughing and chatting with someone, though
don't see who.]

Every game you play

[Pan out to a scene of Yukina playing Chinese Checkers with
winning, of course.]

Every night you stay

[Cut to a scene of Hiei, scowling blackly as he attempts to find a
perch in a tree near the Kuwabaras' home.]

I'll be watching you.

[Hiei glances to the right, away from the camera.  The camera follows,
Yukina, silhouetted in a brightly-lit window, still playing Chinese

Oh can't you see

[Side shot of Hiei's face, looking solemn and longing.]

You belong to me?

[His eyes narrow when he looks at Kuwabara, and he grits his teeth

How my poor heart aches with every step you take.

[Hiei's face twists with sadness as Yukina gets up to go get something,
touching Kuwabara's shoulder lightly as she goes by.]

Every move you make

[Cut to Yukina as she walks into her room and opens a closet door.]

Every vow you break

[She takes out a small diary and brushes her fingers across a list of
she has made herself.  She sighs unhappily, having broken most of them.]

Every smile you fake

[Shizuru pokes her head in, and Yukina forces herself to smile and deny
anything is wrong.]

Every claim you stake

[After the door closes behind Shizuru, Yukina looks around and then
gives a
sharp little nod, as if to say, 'Yes, this is mine!']

I'll be watching you.

[The camera pans out to show Yukina standing next to the window, her
back to
it.  The camera zooms in on the window, then angles up to show Hiei,
on a nearby rooftop.  A close-up to three-quarters length shows him with
hands in his pockets, his face expressionless, his eyes glued on

Since you've gone I've been lost without a trace.

[Flashback to Hiei, minus the Jagan, wandering around Makai aimlessly. 
As the
flashback ends, Hiei's face doesn't quite fade all the way back in.]

I dream at night, I can only see your face.

[Quickly fade to a dream sequence, in black and white, no scenery, with
staring at Yukina's face far above him.]

I look around but it's you I can't replace.

[Fade back to Hiei, who shakes his head and looks away.  But his eyes,
full of longing and grief, are quickly drawn back to Yukina, who is
into bed.]

I keep crying baby, baby please..................

[A close-up of Hiei's face reveals a single tiny tear trickling down his
cheek; he wipes it away angrily with the back of his fist, scowling at
now-darkened window.  Fade to black.]

Every move you make

[Fade in:  Yukina rises in the morning, very early, and gets out her

Every vow you break

[She traces her fingers down the list of vows, and the camera pans in on
over her shoulder.  The list contains things like, 'I will learn to be
stronger', 'I will not cry anymore', and 'I will never give up.'  The
finally rests on one at the top:  'I will never stop looking for my
Of them all, this is the only vow that has no marks next to it--perhaps
only vow that has never been broken.]

Every smile you fake

[Yukina looks up, smiling a wistful, forlorn smile as a tear gem falls
to the

Every claim you stake

[Yukina's face gets a determined look on it, and she closes the book
with a
snap.  She rises and dresses quickly, then slips out before anyone else

I'll be watching you.

[Hie frowns sharply as Yukina emerges from the Kuwabaras' home.  He
her unobtrusively as she makes her way swiftly to Genkai's temple.  Fade
the next scene.]

Every move you make

[One after another, brief scenes, almost like snapshots, flash by, of
engaged in all kinds of activities.]

Every vow you break

[The collage of scenes fades into/is overlaid by the list of vows in
diary as the camera pans down a seemingly endless page.]

Every smile you fake

[The diary page fades into a collage of scenes showing Yukina smiling
when her
eyes are sad, at all different people, for all manner of reasons.]

Every claim you stake

[The collage fades into/is overlaid by a bag full of tear gems.  The
pans out to show Yukina, sitting in the garden at Genkai's temple,
pouring the
tear gems into her hand.  She looks over her shoulder sharply.]

I'll be watching you.......

[Hiei is standing behind Yukina, watching her.  He looks startled when
looks at him, tensing to flee.  As the music fades out, their eyes meet,
the camera pans in on Yukina as her eyes widen, her mouth forming a
small 'o'.
Cut to Hiei, taking a deep breath and steeling himself.  He opens his
and the scene fades to black.]



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