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The Pain Inside

by CyberSerpent

My eyes hides who I am truly inside

I cover myself with coldness

To avoid being hurt again


Is something I’ve been thru before


Please don't let me go thru that again

I was cold

I was impassive

I was unemotional

I was unfeeling

All those qualities are to cover up what I am really inside

Just another forgotten doll…

Tossing and turning in the wind

All those people that mean so much to me






I'm afraid of getting betrayed all over again

Ever since the day of my birth

I vowed to never let anyone close to me again

Two names stuck in my head


Letting someone close to you

Only results in your anguished tears

Take it from someone who knows

When I first saw Yukina,

I was startled

She looked nothing like me

Her silky aqua green hair

So unlike mine, which is a cold jet black

Her sweet personality

So unlike my hardhearted one

But the one thing that captured me

Was her eyes

Her beautiful crimson eyes

So identical to mine

Yet so different…

Her ruby orbs

Are full of innocence

My scarlet eyes

Are full of coldness

But I shall never forget what Yukina said on the day we met

“Your eyes…

they hide a trace of pain and loneliness…”

She was right

The hurt I have inside is great

I keep it well-hidden

Although I am not sure if it will last

My heart was encrusted with ice

Unbreakable, insuperable ice

But somehow…

I feel some of ice begin to soften

Turn into liquid…

Flowing into my veins

Can this be the power of friendship?

Friendship so great it overpowers the ice?

Hey, it can happen…hn.

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