First comes Mark. Clicking on his graphics below soon lead to information from him and about him. Suffice to say he is the much loved husband and father. There are now seven children. The oldest is a full grown woman of 24 years, and the others 6 are beautiful children.

And now comes Guine. Her graphic above will be updated soon with information about her and her special input into this family. She's been here now with this family for 6 years ... she claims it's more like 106 years ... but *lol* ... Time is a wonderful thing.

Below are links to the children. They are placed in order from oldest, that's Amanda, the oldest to the youngest named Joseph. As this site grows, you will see them and us as we progress through our days as those days turn into years Please visit again as there will be changes, many changes to this page. As of now, just about every link has had changes, so please visit the links and take a look. This page is and will always be a tribute to our family. Work is continuing on this page and changes will occure frequently so please check back.

Some of the pictures are a bit dated. We got very small pictures, not worth scanning this year. So I will be going to the studio that did the school pictures to acquire a package. The children have a new VERY LARGE family on my side that have been asking for pictures of the new additions to the clan. Luckily, there are many in my family that are web savvy and have offered to help me do hard copies off the originals so they can be then passed to everyone who wants one. I'm looking at acquiring 5 X 7's and wallets mostly, so anyone else who should want one ... let me know. I'll inform you of when I've got some ready. With that said ... Onward *lol*

Below is the CALENDAR for our family

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We have also added a new forum. For those of you that used the last one, thank you. However, that provider saw fit to begin charging for the service, so I moved it *lol*. I also made it so that every person off the streets cannot just come in and begin some crap on our forum. If you wish to post and use the forum, email us and we will provide you with the password to post on the forum. You can find the link for the new forum on the left at the bottom. Have fun.

Like so many others following the tragedy on September 11, 2001. We have added our own tribute to those that gave their lives at the Towers. We pay special tribute to those that died so selflessly in Pennsylvania to save even more. Click on the graphics below and read a poem dedicated to those that gave their lives in the spirit and name of freedom.

There is a link to the left where you will find some very lovely welcome gifts to one of the webrings this site belongs to. Simply click on 'Awards' and take a look.

If you have any questions or comments about this page, or would like to talk with either Mark or Guine, please feel free to use the email graphics below.


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This page last updated: March 1, 2006

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