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OK, the times come, the BIG Merge and change thats been said for ages, yes it here the all new group, new team and new look. Also we renamed the group, it started in the Gallows 5 years ago so I though it  was appropriate to name it after this. We based in Ilkeston, Derbyshire and will hopefully doing some Investigations soon.

Gallows (formally Guided Paths) is a Community Group based in the Midlands, infact on the boarders of two Very Haunted Cities Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. We started in response to the need, from a Group called White light we helped many people with Paranormal activity. Also in the last few years the town we in has seen some paranormal happenings as well as discussions, as well as my conclusion to a little investigation into this town, I feel there is a secret yet to be told and I believe what some are saying, that this town is more haunted than some know

So Guided Paths has developed a plan, sand are launching Haunted Ilkeston Project. Please we are only a small group who are interested and we need help to fulfill all. 


We've basically updated the Notts and derby section, plus news desk (It will be updated more regularly) - Polls, Into pages to each section also a few added articles (for new articles and stuff click here)














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