Looney's Bin: The Next Generation

This is a collection of some of Looney's creations and contributions to the Palladium Mailing List. Since his old home page was going down, he left it up to the list to salvage what we could. So, here is some of the material that I have picked up. It is by no means complete, but does represent material that is of personal interest to me.

Note: I have modified these files from their original format slightly. In all cases, I have changed the colors to make them more readable and printable. The only other modification I will make, however, will be a possible modification to the Worldgate Armaments page. I have asked Looney for his permission to combine weapon and technological production with ARM Industries (one of my own creations) -- sort of a dual-licensing agreement between the 2 corporations. He has given me his permission, and I will announce the details as soon as I can.

Anyway, on with the Loonacy (tm):

EIC-170 Brodkil Cyborg: a new addition to the NGR's line of Triax infiltration cyborgs.

EIC-200 Overkill Cyborg: A followup to the EIC-170, this infiltrator 'borg is based on a Monster Brodkil.

CW-10 Firebrand: CyberWork's followup to the HPA-1 power armor, meant to increase sales for the beleagured "company".

PFRPG Psionics: A handful of psionic powers from PFRPG 1st edition that, according to Looney, were excluded from PFRPG 2nd edition.

AMV-27 American Vacuum Armor: A pre-Rifts space vacuum suit/body armor, courtesy of Looney.

X-20 War Knight: A new toy from Triax, targeted for the English knights and other customers.

Worldgate Armaments: The history of Looney's creation, a weapons manufacturer and dealer based on the planet of Wormwood. Soon to be joining ARM Industries in dimensional sales.

Worldgate Armaments Equipment: A listing of all equipment, weapons, armor, and other goodies manufactured by Worldgate Armaments on Wormwood.

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