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Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 17:58:10 -0500
To: palladium@dante.neonexus.com
From: "Joshua I. Sanofsky" <josh350@tiac.net>  Save Address Block Sender 
Subject: Re: Posting Challenge!
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At 03:27 PM 1/20/98 -0500, you wrote:
>At 11:43 AM 1/20/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>no, it's not a GPC but it's similar.  since the list has been a little
>>slow, i've decided to pump a little life in it.  here's the generic
>>challenge: i want_everybody_(even you lurkers) to post in an NPC.  the
>>catch is....it's yourself!  using your online name, make up a character
>>similar to the name and/or make one after what your generic lifestyle

This seems to be the going thing to do, and I'm having a blast reading
them, so here's mine.  It's a bit tongue-in-cheek, 'cause I enjoy
making fun of myself.  I'm using my own Bard O.C.C. (EGO ALERT!), and
the character is for Rifts.

I don't know if it'll give me a nickname (The Bard? another ego trip), but
who knows...Someone give me a nickname!  And don't be mean...Please...

Name: J'oshua
Nicknames: "Hey, skinny!"
Race: Elf
O.C.C.: Bard (4th level)
Alignment: Unprincipled
Age: 122
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 140 lbs
P.P.E.: 93
I.S.P.: 43
Spell Strength: 11

Brief History: No one knows exactly where J'oshua was born, but it can
	be safely assumed that he was somehow Rifted in from the Palladium
	world (PFRPG2E), since his speech patterns are hideously archaic.
		Since his appearance on Rifts Earth, he has managed to make
	a general nusiance of himself (as far as the CS is concerned).  He
	goes from place to place, stopping every once in a while to hold
	impromptu classes, making sure that knowledge doesn't die.
Appearance: Generally dressed in dusty denim pants, a loose-fitting shirt
	that doesn't really have any color, a leather vest, and hiking
	boots.  He wears his light brown hair short on top and long in the
	back, usually tied in a pony-tail (but occasionally braided).  His
	most striking feature is the 24 foot-long multi-colored scarf that
	he has never been seen without.  Even on the hottest days, it'll be
	hanging loosely around his neck.

Special Abilities:
	1) Nightvision - 60ft. (natural Elven ability)
	2) Become Incomprehensible - The more flustered, excited or angry
	   J'oshua becomes, the more difficult it becomes to understand
    	   his accent, as it gets thicker and more archaic...Until he almost
	   seems to be speaking another language.  Causes him to have a 
  	   Horror Factor of 10 until he calms down.  Those who succumb to his
	   horror factor have a 50% chance of collapsing in fits of laughter, 
	   or a 50% chance of running away from him screaming that he's gone 
	   mad.  Little does anyone know that this is NOT an accident, but is
	   an ability which J'oshua has nurtured over several years.
	3) The Scarf - Having dragged the 24' scarf through all sorts of 
	   bizarre places and events, it has altered somewhat, and he has learned
	   to use it in many unusual ways.  The scarf now has an M.D.C. of 50,
	   and cannot burn.  It can be used to tie people up, trip people, or
	   throttle people.  If he misplaces it, it will return to him within
	   30 minutes (magically), no matter where he is.
	4) Magic Knowledge: One of the bardic abilities.  Spells known:
		Ventriloquism, Charismatic Aura, Create Light (Air), Globe of
	   Daylight, Sense Evil, Befuddle (can only cast on himself or someone
	   who he's been talking to for more than 10 minutes), Armor of Ithan,
	   Ignite Fire, Multiple Image, Escape, Heal Wounds, Tongues, Globe of
	5) Psionics: J'oshua was born with the following minor psychic abilities:
		Telepathy, Empathy.

Ability Scores:
	IQ: 14
	ME: 15
	MA: 14
	PS: 11
	PP: 13
	PE: 10
	PB: 20
	Spd: 12

O.C.C. Skills:
	Basic Math - 85%
	Language: Dragonese - 98%
	Literacy: Dragonese - 98%
	Language: American - 85%
	Literacy: American - 85%
	Language: Faerie - 78%
	Lore: Vampires - 95%
	Lore: Demons & Monsters - 85%
	Lore: Faerie - 85%
	Cook - 90%
	Dance - 55%
	Sing - 78%
	Play Musical Instrument: Harp - 98%
	Play Musical Instrument: Guitar - 89%
	Play Musical Instrument: Flute - 78%
	Hand to Hand - Basic

O.C.C. Related Skills:
	Sewing - 68%
	Wilderness Survival - 89%
	Pick Locks - 75%
	Horsemanship: General - 75%
	First Aid - 56%
	Juggling - 98%
	Swimming - 65%
	Heraldry - 75%
	Computer Operation - 68%
	Anthropology - 75%
	Navigation - 75%
	W.P. Sword
	W.P. Energy Pistol
Secondary Skills:
	Writing - 70%
	Pilot: Hover Craft (ground) - 78%
	Art - 65%
	Streetwise - 60%
	Prowl - 50%
	W.P. Revolver

Equipment: The above stated clothing plus: Cloak, set of "good" clothing
	slightly less abused than his normal clothes), binoculars, hunting
	knife, backpack, large sack, canteen, box of pencils (mostly unused), 4
	ball-point pens, two 200 page notebooks, small mirror, lighter, bedroll.
	Instruments: Guitar (in soft case), flute
Armor: Huntsman body-armor (40 M.D.C.)
	1) "Stormbringer" (magical long-sword) - named as a joke, since he found
	   it during a raging storm.  Damage: 2d6 MD.  Special Abilities: Additional
	   Damage - 1d6 added to damage; Eternally Sharp - never dulls & +3 to
	   damage; Indestructable - Cannot be destroyed by any means (Except an
	2) Wilk's-Remi 130 "Six Shooter" - Damage: 2d6 MD; Range - 1000 ft.; 
	   Payload - 20 shots.
	3) TW-38 "Endless Revolver" - Damage: 4d6 SDC; Range - 500 ft.; Payload - 
	   38 magical shots or six bullets; Recharge - 6 PPE or 12 ISP.
Money: Usually has between 50-100 credits on hand, otherwise whatever he made
	at his last performance/job/etc.

Josh Sanofsky - josh350@tiac.net
Josh's Homepage: http://www.tiac.net/users/josh350
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     -Doctor Who, City of Death

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