B Co 2nd Bn 5th Cav
1st Cav Div

Loyalty and Courage

I Served In Viet Nam and Won't Apoplgize

Last Bird Out

Freedom is not Free

We Will Always Be Brothers

To our Sisters that served  we would like to thank you for all that you
did for us in our time of need , You were ther to hold our hand and
comfort us .Your wounds may have been deeper then ours and may never heal.You gave so much and recived so little in return, But you never complained . Instead you performed your duty. We are greatfull and now to all of you we must give you what you richley deserve , but the only thing that I can say is  THANK YOU and Welcome Home , We Love You

To all who has served , we would like
to take this time to say thank you for
what you did for us , Thanks to you we
can Ride Free. This is late but a Heartfull Thank You , and Welcome Home.

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