Tips for Toastmasters
Toastmasters is a worldwide organization thats teaches its members to be better speakers, communicators and leaders.
Tips for Toastmasters
from the  "Speech Coach for Executives" - George Torok.

George Torok i
s a professional speaker, radio show host, bestselling author, management consultant and executive coach. He is a member of Skyway Toastmasters club 60-3301 in Burlington, Ontario Canada

Toastmasters helped me, And I am happy to help others. This website is just  one of the ways I am happy to contribute. Use the public speaking tips, presentation techniques and speech ideas from this site and the links. You will become a better speaker by putting these tips into practice."
George Torok
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George Torok
Professional Speaker, Radio show Host, Bestselling Author, Toastmaster
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Since George Torok joined Toastmasters,he has been very active both as a learner and contributor. He served on the executive. He has spoken for conferences, officer training programs and special recognition events at the district, region and International level. He has been a frequent contributor to the International publication, Toastmaster magazine. You will find some of his contirbutions collected here on this website for you to use and enjoy.
Topical Tips for Toastmasters
These tips appeared in Toastmaster magazine as submitted by George Torok. They cover practical tips that Toastmasters can use to promote their club, speak better and grow.

The Evaluator

One of the most valuable skills I honed with Toastmasters it listening. Whenever I was the evaluator I noticed that I ?heard? more. The mistake that I made in the early days was listening to content only and then repeating what the speaker said.

Fortunately I learned to ask questions as I developed my listening skills. This is the progression that others might try ? it worked for me.

Those listening skills enable me to launch my weekly radio interview show, Business in Motion ? now running more than seven years.

Novice evaluators ask ?what?? ? they only see content
Growing evaluators ask ?how?? ? they see technique
Mature evaluators ask ?why?? ? they seek motivation
The best evaluators ask ?what if?? ? they offer possibilities.

Bad Things make meat for great speeches

Whenever something bad happens, particularly bad customer service, I inwardly smile as I outwardly suffer. I say to myself, ?Wow, this will make a great story for a speech.? Sometimes I even tell the object of my pain, ?You know I can?t wait to describe what you did to me in my next speech.? as I grin. They look at me like I?m weird. We Toastmasters are weird, aren?t we?

Send a letter to the editor

Write letters to the editor of your community paper and reference a lesson from Toastmasters. Include your club name in the your signature. The next time you read the paper look for opportunities to promote Toastmasters. Here are a few examples.

Headline1 : Company lays off 500 people

You write about the importance of communication skills and how that helped you find a new job or can help others through interviews.

Headline 2: Local Group Launches Fund Raising Campaign

You write about tips for presenting your message to the public and how Toastmasters helped you.

Headline 3: More violence on the east side

You write how violence is just one means of communication and Toastmasters teaches constructive feedback without violence.

Headline 4: More Stress in the workplace

You write about how Toastmasters teaches you to deal with both the stress of public speaking and listening to an evaluator rip apart your speech.

Get the idea?

Whatever the news, Toastmasters has a lesson. You need to tell it.  Whenever your letter gets printed, copy it for all the members in your club ? get them excited about writing letters to the editor and send copies to your area and district governors.

George Torok CTM
Skyway Toastmasters 60-3301
Burlington, Ontario Canada

These tips appeared in Toastmasters magazine in the column called "Topical Tips". It is editied by Mark Majcher, ATM. You can send him your tips for his column to
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Toastmasters teaches the fundamentals of public speaking. They offer a practical system to learn  and practise the principles and techniques of powerful public speaking.
George Torok
Typical Toastmasters Meeting



The best way to be a better speaker and is to speak - every opportunity you can find and make. This list might give you some ideas.

Opportunities for Public Speaking

Job interview
Sales presentation
Presentation to investors
Staff meeting
Product demonstration
Media interview
Crowd control
Committee report
Toasting the bride and groom
Introducing the guest speaker
Thanking the guest speaker
Master of ceremonies
Guest panelist
Panel moderator
Waiter/waitress explaining the menu to table of guests
Announcing supermarket specials over the public address
Addressing the judge and jury
After dinner keynote speaker
Tour guide
Public debate
Coaching little league
Speaking at a school assembly
Teaching a class
Delivering an eulogy
Announcing the award winners
Praising a person about to retire
Hosting a TV or radio show
Accepting an award
Presenting a gift
Recruiting volunteers
Canvassing for a cause
Giving directions to a group of tourists
Leading a delegation to city council
Recommending action to a board meeting
Progress report to your association
Selling raffle tickets at a event
Asking everyone to move to the back of the bus
Running for office in your association
Chairing the meeting
Talking to the PTA
Selling hotdogs at the ballgame
Asking and answering questions in class
Asking the bank for a loan
Announcing last call at a party or bar
Defending your research to your peers
Introducing your self at a new group
Refereeing a game
Explaining how to get to the lifeboats

add any more you can think of?
You can be an effective speaker
Toastmasters FAQ
Tips for Effective Speeches
Presentation Skills Success
Remember to listen too.
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George Torok
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