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If you are a Geocacher in the state of Washington, please join the Washington State Geocaching Association. This is a great way to get the most out of Geocaching in our region. Simply go to for details!

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Hello, and welcome to the Seattle Seekers website. Here we list links to our Geocaching finds, hides, and travel bugs which we have started on their journey's. Also included are many pictures we've taken at various hunts. It's alot of fun to look back on and remember the great times we had.

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Our Finds:

Our Hides:

Below are pictures which we took at some of the cache's we have found. Not all of our hides/finds are below. Sometimes the camera was not available. Go to the links above to see a complete list of our hides/finds.
Bronze deer
Game Farm Park Cache
Pipe Dream
Dash Cache
Nopisoki Saltwater Cache
Flaming Gas
Stumpy's Wildwood Stash
Wooden Faces & Marsh Madness
Doubletree Puzzle Cache
Spidey's Cache
It's a Wild, Wild Quest
Saturday Morning Cartoon Cache
Before & After
Crime Scene: ...
School House Rock
Eggstra! Eggstra!
Clark Park
Aurburn Lookout
Third Rock From the Sun
Bingaman Pond Cache
Yellow Jeep Fever- Apr 30, '02
Over-rated bands - Pink Floyd
Watch Where You Step Park
S-squared - Do not open...
Three Forks
Maud Lake Viewpoint

Below are pictures which we have taken at Benchmarks we have recovered.

Kent Church

Below are pictures which we or other people have taken at some of the cache's we have hidden.
Seekers Secret Switch - Spoiler SpoilerSpoiler Herr Fritz & GemsGems
Seekers Revenge -
Seekers History Log - Geodudes
Seekers Seek Blue Heron's - Herr Fritz Gems Police Activity Seth! chrome monk
Seekers Dog Walk -
Seekers Birthday Cache -
Seekers Mt. Si - 1 -
Seekers Mt. Si - 2 -
Seattle Seekers Memorial Cache -
Capital Hill Quest -
Pencil Pot Pourri -
Riverwalk -
Pencil Madness -
Peace & Tranquility -
Alumni -
WaGeocachers Summer Roundup -
Seekers Snoqualmie River Walk -

Our Travel Bugs:

Sparky - Jan 21, '02
Fair Bug - Feb 7, '02
Tigger Traveler - Jan 21, '02
Speed Bug - Mar 30, '02

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