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This is Fady Bahig's Webpage. Fady Bahig is an Egyptian author who in 2006 released his debut novel, The Journey of The Fool.

Through this site guests can contact Bahig, learn about the novel and read articles that are regularly updated in the articles section.

The Journey of The Fool

In his masterpiece, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Manly Hall speaks about Tarot card the fool as that card that 'represents that Eternal Power of which the 21 surrounding or manifesting aspects are but limited expressions.' Faust Amoyo chose to take the world as it is, to enjoy the purity of daylight and the elegance of night shadows alike. He is the fool, who takes a walk through all the cards, he sees the sun of logical wisdom, the moon of mystical insight and the star of hope in a nihilist world. Along his way to wisdom he meets gurus, madmen, prostitutes, priests and a certain Marcus Minkowski. 'Beneath the garments of the fool is the divine substance of which the jester is but a shadow... Was not this card placed in the Tarot deck to deceive all who could not pierce the veil of illusion?'


Dialogues and articles
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Articles Section

A Profile of Two Heretics Stephan A Hoeller and Matthew Fox are two Christian heretics in whom I have been interested. What is the thought of each, in what sense are they similar and in which aspects do their thought drastically deviate?

The Fountain Darren Aronofsky's 'The Fountain' has been booed at Cannes but I have really enjoyed the film. I disagree with its core idea but I believe that it is deep and spiritual. 

The Eighth Sermon to The Dead Around the time of his break with Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung wrote The Seven Sermons to The Dead. I decided to write and eighth where I can deal with postmodern nihilism within a mythological frame.


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