Spells are presented in the following format:

Name (copyright info)
Type Level by class Components Casting Time Range
Target Effect Duration Saving Throw Spell Resistance (Y/N)
Description and Rules


Prestige Class Specific Spells: Herald Class

0-Level Spells:

1st-Level Spells: Ray of clumsiness, ray of flame, ray of light, shieldbearer, stun ray, targeting ray, weapon shift.

2nd-Level Spells: Bristle, distracting ray, familiar's sense, familiar's touch, hurl, lesser spell immunity, rapid strikes, ray of dizziness, ray of sickness, ray of ice, ray of stupidity, share life

3rd-level Spells: Call familiar, diamondsteel, familiar's form, minor reflection, rust ray, sting ray, greater disrupt undead

4th-Level Spells: Burning sword, dolorous blow, heroics, ray of weakness, ray of deanimation

5th-level Spells: Indomitablility, ray of entropy

6th-Level Spells: Mass Strength

7th-Level Spells:

8th-level Spells:

9th-Level Spells:


0-level Spells: Forager's blessing

1st-level spells: Womb of the earth

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