Welcome to a little place of mine dedicated to 3e material.  Most of this is stuff I made my self. I also have info on
the official prestige classes from WotC.  Have fun... and don't let the Dragons bite!!


Hear ye! Hear ye! I have put up the front page for my
home campaign world. Check out the Lost World!

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Updated the Prestige Class list and the feat list. (11/29/01)
Added a small little program I wrote on it's own page (12/03/01)
Added three more official prestige classes (12/08/01)
Added two more Greyhawk God prestige classes: Blessed of Fortubo and Ice Foe of Atroa (12/09/01)
Added two more official prestige classes: The Sinker and The Taker (12/10/01)
Announced an open playtest for an adventure I wrote. (12/12/01)
Put up the front page for my own campaign world. (1/18/01)

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