The Land of Etarnon is a world with a long past, at least 10,000 years of history, or so the legends say.

After the rise and fall of uncounted civilizations, tales are told of a Golden Age, a time that ended some 3,000 years ago, when the Sorcerers of Hypernia nearly destroyed the world when they unleashed the Dragon Magicks from the Tome of the Gods.

The old knowledge of Magick is nearly all forgotten, except in fragmentary records left in abandoned and crumbling ruins, destroyed long ago in a catastrophe of epic proportions that left corrupted patches of landscape in its wake.

Now, in the days of the Age of Dark Magick, the few remaining Grey Wizards attempt to retrieve arcane spells from lost stores of knowledge, trying to piece together the lore of the Hypernians that once ruled the Land, while the Elven Court struggles to maintain dominion over the Hallowood, the source of magick, and their home now for three millenia. 

Our regular game night is Friday , 7PM-12AM EST, in the WOTC Chat rooms. We are planning to get a dedicated room, in the near future.

AD&D 2nd Edition roleplaying campaign has been running off and on since 1979, when it was first created with the original AD&D rules.

Prospective long-term players are asked to become at least
passingly familiar with the setting, and history of the campaign.

We look forward to meeting you!

Email the DM: loremaster_etarnon AT yahoo DOT com                                                         

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