Dave "ELVIS" Boyle
"ELVIS"era begins
The Come Back.
GOD bless him.
       Hello, everyone. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Dave Boyle. I will begin by saying that I grew up in the 50's era, and with the ELVIS Presley music. I used to sing along with the records, and go thru the motions like him. Then I did a couple of parties, but never gave it any thought of doing any impersonations. As years went by, I did some holiday stuff and had a good time and my co-workers realy liked it.
   I think it all started a while back, at karaoke. I didn't do much personal singing before that for a long time, I guess I was to busy with other things. Then my wife and I, and few freinds went out on the town, and we went to a place that had karaoke, when I got done with my songs, I got such a good applause, and some even said I should do this professionaly, it got me to thinking why not.
   Well I decided to do it. My wife and I sat down and agreed that we should look into how we can get the jumpsuits, well, when we found out what it was going to cost, WOW! She happened to have a sewing machine, and I can do leather and such, we decided to go ahead. I will talk about that in another page.
   I have done many shows,private parties, benifits etc, and it has been a lot of fun, and may I say work too, but it's been well worth it. I like doing it, and giving the people the memories, for Elvis and his songs will live on. Oh by the way I wanted to mention that my wife's real name is Priscilla, (ironic huh?).

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