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Walter Payton

Walter Payton

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Does God care that I could run the ball better than most? Obviously God gave me that ability, but I was always questioning if that was why he gave me that ability.
He didnít do it so I could become rich and famous. He didnít do it so I could make the Hall of Fame or help the Bears win a SuperBowl.
He must have done it so I could use my fame and my popularity to rally people and help others. He gave me a gift and I need to use it.
I have tried to do that and want to continue to do it after I am gone.
It is why I have set such ambitious goals for my charities and challenged people to help me meet them.---Walter Payton

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NFL Man of the Year
Walter Payton Award
2004 Winner
2003 Winner
2002 Winner
2001 Winner
2000 Winner
1999 Winner
Walter Payton Award

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Take a look a Walter's football career with the Chicago Bears.

Look at my collection of pictures of Sweetness.
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Walter Payton Foundation

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