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Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away.

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�Neil Diamond, "Secret Love"

The Many Facets of the
of My Life

painting courtesy of Novagraphics Space Art

I was born in April, 19XX (the year doesn't really matter, does it?...therefore, my birthstone is naturally...the DIAmond!... "DIAmonds are what? ... A Girl's Best Friend". The best times of my life were when I lived in DIAmond Bar, California in the 1970's! Plus, to my surprise I discovered that my Mitsubishi Galant was even manufactured by
DIAmond Star Corp!
A lesser known song, but personal favorite of mine is DIAmond Girls" ...and is the reason for my
"DIA-GRL", license plate. It is no surprise that my secret love, is the brightest 'GEM' of all and outshines the brightest ' DIAmond ' in the sky! My 'Secret Love' naturally is THISSS DIA mond ! click

The above picture, 'Starclouds' and other fine paintings can be found at Novagraphics Space Art
and the complete works of Joe Tucciarone are found at The Space Art of Joe Tucciarone
The floating stars are courtesy of DynamicDrive
Many of the icons/images are courtesy of
The Grouch Pad, Dewa.com, and Bells 'n Whistles.
The songs were downloaded from
Turbollo, 'Webmaster of them All'

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Through the Storm... You Do Not Walk Alone...

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