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Hello. Welcome to my home page, called Side One in honor of the space habitats in the Japanese Anime, Gundam. My name is Linwood Foster, called Jerry by my friends. I am a PC Technician who has a wide variety of interests and hobbies. As you will see from my homepage, those interests and hobbies range from Japanese Animation (Anime) to various Role-Playing Games. I also have memberships and associations with several groups, including the University of Maryland: Baltimore County Anime Society, the Rec.Games.Mecha newsgroup and moderation staff, and the Otakon Anime Convention.

My most serious interest is in Mecha, the Japanese word for Mechanical Giant Robots. Besides my all-time favorite series Robotech, I am also a fan of the Japanese series Gundam. While Gundam Wing and Endless Waltz are new experiences for me, I am a fan of the original U.C. Gundam universe in all of its flavors. Besides being a fan of the show, I am also a hardcore fan of the models. At this point, I have upwards of 40 of the various U.C. models. As time goes by, I am adding more and more pictures of them to my Models and Miniatures Page.

Besides being obsessed about all things Mecha, I'm also a RPG fanatic. I play AD&D, Classic Battletech, the Robotech RPG, Rifts, and a lesser known game called Mecha!. As entertainment, I write campaign notes and adventures for some them.

Since the day I first made this webpage in 1994, it has constantly been under construction, or reconstruction. It is a work in progress. You should visit often, because no matter how long the page may appear to be stable, I could up and completely change it over-night. I'd love to get feedback from my many vistors, so go ahead and [3/22/2005]

Places to Go on Side One

While you can get a better idea of the various areas on this site by using the index on the left, here are some quick links you can check out.

U.C. Gundam General Info Anime and Gaming Information Page Robotech, Battletech, Rifts, and Gundam RPG Notes Gundam Models and RPG Miniatures

Here are a couple of other interesting pages to check out.

Recently Visited Webpages

Like millions of others, I surf the net in my spare time. Occasionally I find webpages that strike my fancy and make me want to revisit them. Here are a couple:

Special Notice

As some of you may know, and probably a lot don't, Harmony Gold has decided to revitalize the Robotech storyline with a new movie, and a possibly new TV series. The new movie, Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, is complete and is waiting distribution. Hand in hand with that, Palladium Books, the creators of the original Robotech RPG, is considering picking up the license to reprint and expand on the original RPG. Let them know that you want more Robotech RPG!

Currently Being Worked On

My friend and I are currently running a Phase World Campaign. We are looking for additional players; so if you live near Catonsville Maryland, drop me a line. If you are interested, drop me a line. In the meantime, I am posting the various things we will be using in the campaign. Currently up are Revised Mecha for Robotech, and REF OCCs updated to Rifts: Ultimate Edition standard.

All of the links on these pages should be up to date (As of 01/22/2006).

Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to .

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