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09. February 2001 NEWS

  • BIG TIME SOFTWARE released  the version 1.12 update for "Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord"

Sporting some new refinements and improvements this latest patch should be the last one for Combat Mission. Check out this list of changes here

  • CombatAddiction was credited with the LordGeneral MB "Silver Award" Thanks for the Support Mr Bill. This is highly appreciated.

  • CombatAddiction and TheDesertFox got a mention in the CDMag Article on Combat Mission Modding, posted on 1/31/2001.  The article gives a very good overview about the various available MODs for Combat Mission and the artists behind them. It is well worth reading. Thanks for writing it,  Spook.

27. January 2001

Alec Wades SdKfz 251-1 Gordon Moleks Camo Ram Kangaroo Greg Mudrys Camo Tiger
  • Second  "Guest" MOD hosted. The SdKfz 251-1 MOD has been done by Alec "MAGUA" Wade. It features additional foliage and vehicle weathering. The MOD is available both in Hi- and Lo-Res. You can find it in the Halftrack MOD section.

  • Third "Guest" MOD hosted. Gordon Molek released his Camo version of the Ram Kangaroo. His MOD can be found in the Support Vehicles section

  • I integrated Greg "mensch" Mudrys heavily camouflaged Tigers. Check them out in the Tiger section.

  • Second Preview posted. Check out the upcomming Desert Fox & Desert Rats conversion of Combat Mission by MikeT and Clubfoot.

  • I integrated a direct link button to the "Der Kessel" site. This site offers excellent scenarios for Combat Mission. Check it out !

  • Some site maintenance

Enjoy !

19. January 2001

  • First "Guest" MOD hosted. The Jagdpanzer IV MOD has been done by Pedro Pablo Soriano. It features all Jagdpanzer IV including the L/48, the L/48 w/skirts and the Vomag L/70.

You can find it in the Jagdpanzer section.

  • Preview section introduced, featuring Gordon Moleks Camo-Ram-Kangaroo, which is sporting 49th Armoured Carrier Regiment markings and will be available soon.

  • Marco Bergman sent me an update of his batch file to swap between his MODs. The new commonwealth_textures.bat now includes my Kangaroo MOD. Thanks Marco !

    Here's the updated latest Bergman Batch for those who want to swap all their Brit/Canadian stuff at once. ( Requires Stuart mod installed. ) Instructions:

    DELETE the commonwealth_textures.bat from the CMBO folder, and copy in the new one.

    DOWNLOAD [2kb]

  • Patch section updated and Combat Mission 1.1 TCP/IP patch included.

Enjoy !

05. January 2001

Ram Kangaroo MOD released featuring both canadian and british version of the personal carrier.

You will find the files in the NEW ! Support Vehicle MOD section. Click on the link in the navbar or on the pic above.

Enjoy !


12. November 2000

Terrain MOD section opened. You will find several NEW ! terrain textures there:

  • NEW ! High- and Lowres grass textures for the subdued environment 

  • NEW ! Hedge-/Hedgerow texture, both for the subdued and bright environment

  • NEW ! Summer and Autumn wheat textures for the subdued environment

Hop to the Terrain MOD section to check them out.

I created my first historical scenario for Combat Mission.

It´s called Cintheaux-Totalize and you can find it at the "Der Kessel" page. Hop over to the "Der Kessel" page. You can find a lot of interesting scenarios for Combat Mission there.

Garry Kump opened his excellent Combat Mission site last month. Hop over to Kump´s CM Outpost to pay him a visit.

Enjoy !


03. September 2000

Four new historical Tiger MODs uploaded

  • Tiger No. 112 (1st Kp/sSSPzAbt 101), 

  • Tiger No. 221 (2nd Kp/sSSPzAbt 101) 

  • Tiger No. 313 (3rd Kp/sSSPzAbt 101) and

  • Tiger No. 314 (3rd Kp/sSSPzAbt 101)

Hop to the Tiger MOD section to check them out.

25.August 2000

Big Time Software released the 1.05 Update for Combat Mission.

Click here to download the Windows or the Mac version.

If you want to read the impressive list of fixes of the v1.05 Patch, click here.

19.August 2000

Big Time Software released the 1.04 Update for Combat Mission.

Click here to download the Windows or the Mac version.

If you want to read the impressive list of fixes of the v1.04 Patch, click here.

18.August 2000

  • Combat Addiction joined the Combat Mission Webring and has been restructured

  • Tiger MOD section added

  • NEW Tactics article posted. Check out the Tactics section at The DesertFox for:



15. August 2000

Preview posted:

  • Tiger No. 112 (1st Kp/sSSPzAbt 101), 

  • Tiger No. 221 (2nd Kp/sSSPzAbt 101) and 

  • Tiger No. 313 (3rd Kp/sSSPzAbt 101). 

You can find it in the Tiger MODs section

12. August 2000

First adapted Tiger-IE MODs uploaded. You can find them in my Tiger MODs section.

Combat Mission : Beyond Overlord™

In case you are not already familiar with the game Combat Mission™

Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord™ is a simulation set on the western front from 1944 to 1945. Built for both Windows and Macintosh computers, it begins with the massive Allied assault in Normandy and takes you through the race across France and the devastating Battle of the Bulge to the end of the war in Europe. 

Combat Mission™ uses a hybrid real-time/turn-based game system, so the closest thing to compare it to is a cross between Close Combat and Steel Panthers, but with 3D graphics and much more. Individual units are squads, weapons teams, tanks, and heavy guns, and a player may command forces that are the size of a reinforced battalion.

Combat Mission™ is exclusively sold via the Internet. You can get this excellent wargame at the Battlefront Homepage. To go there, click on the picture above.

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