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The canadian Ram Kangaroo personal carrier of 1. CACR

27. January 2001 NEWS

With the release of my Kangaroo MODs Gordon Molek was inspired to apply his well known british camo style to the Kangaroo as well. He did not only do a new paintshop on the textures but applied new unit markings and other features also. His MOD is showing a british Ram Kangaroo APC of 49th Armoured Carrier Regiment of 79th Armoured Division. Very nice job.

Enjoy ! 


Camo Ram Kangaroo MOD by Gordon Molek


British Camo Ram Kangaroo of 49th Armoured Carrier Regiment of 79th Armoured Division by Gordon Molek

DOWNLOAD (648kb)


Ram Kangaroo MOD

This section was opened to present you some more of my modded Combat Mission textures.

With all the superb hires work on the allied Tanks done by Marco Bergman, Gordon Molek, JohnS "Tiger" and others, I felt that the Ram Kangaroo really needed some attention. So I decided to contact Marco Bergman and ask for permission to use elements of his MODs to complement my work on the Ram Kangaroo. Marco was so kind to give the permission [ Many thanks Marco :-) ] and here is what I was able to produce.

To switch between the versions please follow the instructions in the readme.txt.

I did not have the possibility to test the MODs on the MAC, so there might be some "pink spot" problem there. If this is the case, please contact me and I will try to find a solution.  


The canadian Ram Kangaroo "BUCKSHEE" existed and was used in the 1st Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment The british Ram Kangaroo "ARMADILLO" existed as well although the unit is not exactly known. So I had to take some "liberties" here and decided to assign it to the 11th Armoured Division.



Pictorical evidence for the existence of the above Kangaroos can be found at the Canadian Armoured Carrier Regiment page. But of course it was necessary to take some "liberties" while creating the MODs, so they both represent a possibility how these vehicles might have looked  back then. 


If you are interested to read more about the RAM KANGAROO I recommend to pay the following excellent web-sites a visit:


Again many thanks to Marco. Without him giving me the inspiration and allowing me to use parts of his work the modded Ram Kangaroo wouldn´t have come true.


Enjoy the MODs



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