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Tennessee Natural History
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! Whoo!)
Ghosts and their capture in
Silver Nitrate...or pixels
Coping techniques for INFPs
Betty Page - Hometown Girl
The Ancient Sacred Basis For Today's Ordinary Numbers
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Crystal Quick Reference
The History of Dreaming - from Ancient Egypt to Modern Day
A Brief Overview of Core Shamanism
The Truth about the Necronomicon
My views on the Wiccan Community
So you want to be a Witch...

There have been
(more or less) strange people to visit since coming back online, July 27, 2004
Discord and Rhyme

I'll be honest - I don't know what will end up here. This website evolves every few years as I get bored with it. I will get to the point where I think, "Eh, maybe this time I'll let it go..." but I never do. I guess I'm hooked on the feeling of being on stage of sorts - without the stage fright.

Also, don't be surprised if it comes out looking or sounding a bit paradoxical or even schizophrenic. Somedays, I feel like I'm channeling Coyote; other days it's Eagle and still others it's Opossum before he lost his beautiful tail. As the tv commerical goes - "Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometime you don't!"

There is another reason this website is sticking around. I need to once again sort out my path. I wouldn't say I've lost it entirely but it has become muddled a bit. I think the fact I've become a little jaded doesn't help.

As I sit here wondering where to go next with the programming of this page, I see a mockingbird perched in the wild rose bush just outside my window. It is hanging on with one foot while scratching an itch on the back of it's head with the other. Somehow, that seems like the perfect metaphor for this page: trying to keep balance with the world as I scratch that near impossible itch to find a clear path again...or maybe I just need to kick myself in the head and get over said self. I'm not really sure which.

I've included some older articles. Most of them were posted on the Real Magick website. I decided I would post them here, with a few revisions (mostly cleaning them up - getting rid of the hideously hard to read fonts and such.) After all, just because my path is unclear at the moment doesn't mean all the learning done in the past is invalid, does it? Consider it an act of reclaiming.

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