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Precious Times are a group of sites aimed at identifying the downfalls of Maternity Departments in the UK and world-wide, and working towards putting them right.  Why?  Becuase pregnancy and birth are 'Precious Times' and you deserve the best you can get.

We also provide support and information for pregnant women experiencing prblems in pregnancy and birth because information is the key to overcome all obstacles.
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Complications In Pregnancy
This is a message board providing information and suport for women experiencing problems in their pregnancy and birth.  Filling in a short membership is required becuase information on the page is of a sensitive and personal nature.
Birth Announcements
Click this and it will take you to my e-mail address.  If you tell me the details of the birth announcement, I will publish it and even e-mail it to any address that you provide.
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Precious Times Message Board
Finally in the sites by Precious Times is the Precious Times Message Board.  This board is for people who have had some experience of the Maternity preofession.  Where you satisfied with the standard of care?  If not, tell us about it here.  There Precious Times Message Board is there to try and identify the downfalls of maternity departments and working towards putting them right.  But you have to tell us about it before we know.

This is not a place to attack the profession, purely a place to tell of your experience.
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