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Crazyhorse Studios
1836 Daniels Street
Kissimmee Florida 34746-4041

Coming soon is some very exciting new artwork from Lori Daniels of Crazyhorse Studios, a proven name in world class equine and model horse art. New to this site is our Sales Page ... simply click on the link to see what I currently have offered. Please click here to catch all the updates and important news flashes!

Lori has over 30 years experience with equine art and raises Paints and Quarter Horses with husband Jimmy and daughter, Caitlin. Showing, breeding, and training horses is Lori's full time job, as well as the models. In the past, Crazyhorses have won major championships at live shows like Breyerfest, MAR, WRC, SSLS, and countless others. Congratulation to Sandy Lyles on her success with Chipper Jones. As the new resins Kid Brother and Gravity make it into their new owners' hands, I will feature their wins here!BIG HUGE congratulations to all the Crazyhorse customs and resins that top-tenned or champed at 2001 NAN show! There was a bunch of them and if the owners would contact me, I will feature their pictures right here! Caliber and Kool made it as well as Kibbles(a blond Roady mule) and a Tocar resin painted by Crazyhorse and formerly known as Dogbite!

Pictured here is Smokey the Wonderpaint as a bambino (1996) getting to know the biggest meanest human he ever encountered!! Check for for this site's major all new updates with pictures of our new show horses and examples of studio work!

As for the resins I paint, these professionally cast horses have steel reinforced legs (the adults only) and are carefully painted and finished by me. To find out more about these works of equine art, be sure to stop by the resin gallery.

All horses are guaranteed for life to the original owner. To accomodate all levels of collectors, a time payment schedule of up to a year is provided with a non-refundable deposit of 25%. Crazyhorse Studios now also accepts credit cards,using Paypal.

Lori is no longer accepting ANY custom work whatsoever! If you have an order in with her it is on the work bench and will be honored but after Breyerfest 2001, sales will be strictly limited to artist selections only! For a sample of what Lori can do, please follow this link. Many of these pieces are for sale, and this page will be updated constantly, so check back often. MANY changes here at the studio are in the process and changes are being made to current policies. If you have been a constant customer of Lori's for the past several years, you will get preferred status treatment.

Pictured is Kim Jones having a great day with CZ Caliber, a customized Ideal Stock Horse from Crazyhorse Studios! Watch for this talented duo in future live and photo showing! Great job, Kim and Cal!!

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