Episode 1 - Introduction
In which our characters find a new housemate.

Episode 2 - How many composers does it take to carry a suitcase in the rain....?
Strozzi moves in.  With much Help.  In the Rain.  Mayhem ensues.

Episode 3:  A Little Head Cold
Ives gets a cold.

Episode 4:  Door Number Three.
What are the composers hiding in their basement?

Episode 5:  The Great Basement Debate
The "Workless Bohemians" are conscripted into renovating the basement.  But in what style?

Episode 6:  Ketchup and Lawn Gnomes
Mussorgsky visits an exhibit. Liszt starts a protest movement. Bach demands cookout.

Episode 7:  "Would you care for a date? How about next Thursday!?"
Liszt sets up Brahms on a date whereupon  Mozart opens a betting pool.  General disaster.

Episode 8:  "How it Actually Happened"
Brahms doesn't want to talk about it.

Episode 9:  A Pale and Delicate Shade
Wagner insists on choosing curtains for the basement.  Mussorgsky discovers the women's club.

Episode 10:  An Astringent Effluvium
Something stinks in the house.  But what?

Episode 11: Vexatious Vicissitudes  (Wagner is the official spokesperson for the sitcom now, having named three episodes in a row)
Mussorgsky gets the women's club drunk, just in time for the AA's arrival...

Episode 12:  Operatic Developments
Will Mozart and Wagner ever catch Mahler to propose that he conduct their operas?

Episode 13: Of Epic Proportions
Bridge was never so dangerous.

Episode 14: The Aftermath
Dead classical composers - REVIVED and living in a house together.  It's The Days of the Lives of the YOUNG and the STARVING- a harrowing drama (giocoso) starring some of the most neurotic artists since 1098!  Sound improbable?  Read on!
"In the den, Beethoven and Brahms are playing checkers with rules they have created.
Beethoven: no, no you can only move diagonally on turns that are multiples of 3!
Brahms: every third turn I take is a multiple of three!
Beethoven: NO, starting with my turn being number one!
Brahms: we started counting at zero.
(they glare at each other)..."
Disclaimer:  For best results, read episodes in ORDER.
TheAuthor attempts to keep this at a "Good Clean PG-13 rating."
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Episode 15:  The Date Episode
Everyone's going on a date this Tuesday.  Including Hugo Wolf...

Episode 16:  "We're painting!"
Mozart's old man decides to visit.  Immediately.

Episode 17:  Oh for an Errant Turkish Cabbie!
Mozart discovers incriminating letters of Wagner..

Episode 18:  Millinery Difficulties
Wagner will do anything to recover those letters.  Even recruit the mafia.
Episode 19:  Teambuilding
Hildegard invites a teambuilding expert to help the housemates get along. 

Episode 20: Kiddie Affairs
Don't ever let Mozart babysit your grandkids.

Episode 21:  Hildegard's Grand Schemes
Hildegard plans her morality play.  And just who IS the immortal beloved?

Episode 22:  The Yard Sale
Beethoven needs to raise money. How can they screw up a yard sale?

Episode 23: Dinner and a Morality Play
Wagner finally recovers his letters.   Strozzi and Mahler get into late night  trouble.

Episode 24: Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah...
Robert Schumann cooks for Clara.  Brahms spends lots of time at the food store.

Episode 25: Tuesday Tales.
Ives gets into  an auto accident; Hildegard has an amusing morality play rehearsal
Episode 26: Brunfelsia
During a raucous Trivial Pursuit game, Hildegard's herbs get mixed up..

Episode 27: Unpleasant Aftertaste
The guilty parties exhibit various coping mechanisms.

Episode 28: Two Days Later
Brahms needs a day job.

Episode 29:  When Hildegard's Away
Mussorgsky and co. try to direct the morality play..

Episode 30: A New Nuisance
Wagner and his patron Ludwig bring home a pet.

Episode 31: MALL DAY!
The housemates take the unwilling Beethoven to the mall for a makeover.

Episode 32: Barbara Strozzi: Career Manager

Episode 33: All is not well in morality land...
Hildegard's patience for nonsense is even less than usual.

Episode 34:  Richard Wagner:  Redecorating Revolutionary
Wagner 'forgets' that he has three roommates before he begins redecorating.
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"Gesammtkunstwerk!" -- Wagner's parrot Papi
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A Composer Sitcom  2008
Mussorgsky: Whats happening?  (notes construction) oh jesus youre letting ludwig dothe plumbing!
Mozart:  We certainly are! cut the pipe, add the new one, paste it up.  It's hardly rocket science and it involves grunting, so obviously the man for the job is Ludwig.
Beethoven:  I have a hacksaw over here...
From Episode 7...
More artwork (of the present)...
From Episode 22...
Liszt falls out of the kissing booth during the yard sale.
Liszt: WHOA!  That's at least five dollars, ma'am!
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