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Kent has a rich neolithic history. Evidence of our ancesters exists in sites scattered across the county. Two such sites are only a few hundred metres apart in the village of Addington. About 7 miles west of Maidstone, both sites are on private property, with some of the surrounding land under the care of English Heritage. The smaller of the two sites (The Long Barrow) is now little more than a jumble of granite, having, over the years, been opened up, had stones taken away for use in local building, and finally had a road built through it (it was common for authorities in the past to build through or on "pagan" sites to discourage their use for worship). Although the larger of the two sites (The Chestnuts) has also been uncovered, and it's secrets long-since spirited away, it has survived in much better condition, with the majority of the stones still standing.

Although the sites are on private property, visitors are welcome, provided they contact us first!.

Guided tours are provided, for the nominal fee of 1.00 per person, with children under 16 free. The tour will include the history of the sites, a walk around both sites, a viewing of some of the neolithic artifacts (arrow heads, scrapers, etc) previously found on the site, as well as an opportunity to try dowsing! Sceptical? You might well be, but you may well be surprised, as well.

Photo by Jane Thompson

The Chestnuts

Photo by Joolio Geordio

The Long Barrow

The Chestnuts | The Long Barrow | Contact Us | Directions


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