Up next, a few rare SAABs - including:
the Ursaab - Model 92001
the 92 and 92B
the Super Sport (just 6 of 'em, Folks!)
the GT 750
the Bullnose 95
the Sonett II (258 made, how many left?)
A brief history of
SAAB in New England
A brief story on
my start with SAABs
The New England Saab Association
The Great Lakes Saab Club
Thor's Saab Portal
The Central Penn Saab Club
The Saab Club of North America
San Diego Saab Owners Group
The Saab Museum
Chris Moberg's Site
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Saabcars Online
Regional clubs:
This site focuses on some of the more unusual and interesting SAABs
- the rarities, the oddities, the limited runs and special editions,
the sportier models and the experimental. Enjoy!
It will be terminally"under construction", but hopefully entertaining and informative nonetheless. As time permits,
there will be text accompanying the various photos, including some of the more interesting trivia.
I've tried to avoid images that are already over-represented on the web, unless there are just too few
- as with the
Model 98, or if the ones shown are just so damn nice - as with the 92001.
If any of the photos in this site are copyrighted, or otherwise used without permission, please submit a note
through the guestbook section below, and I'll be happy to remove them or credit them appropriately.

(See disclaimer way down below.)
The Saab Way
The easy way-
If any of the photos are copyrighted, or otherwise used without permission, please submit a note through
the guestbook section above, and I'll be happy to remove them or credit them appropriately.
To be perfectly honest, I would have loved to have been able to provide all my own images for this site, and avoid any "copyright infringement"
or duplication of what's already out there. But given this is an historical perspective of sorts, original material is quite hard to come by,
short of a time machine. So.. what this site is really all about is scouring the web for some key images, and presenting them here in a revamped format
- hopefully without stepping on anyone's toes. I'll try to credit any known photo owners in the photo title or underneath.
If you see any of your photos and they're not properly credited - go to the guestbook!
Wherever possible, I have scanned in and submitted my own photos, and these are free to be used by anyone who wants them.
Credit would be nice, but not critical. Just don't claim them as yours!
I also want to acknowledge the late Gunnar Sjogren for the beautiful B&W  illustrations presented throughout this site. Thanks!
In development:
Barber Saab
toy saabs
- and a glimpse at
the rusting "Fleet"
NESA Saab Owners Gathering photos: 2001   2002    info on the 2003 gathering
...life is not a spectator sport...
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A few of our favorite links
As this list grows, I hope it will serve as a useful resource for vintage SAAB information,   
as well as a convenient listing of Saab Clubs - both domestic and international

International clubs:
Our North American Club:
New York Saab Owners Club
Saab Club of Seattle
Vintage SAAB Racers Group
Saab Club of Central Ohio
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Saab Club of Western Canada
Rocky Mountain Saab Club
Milwaukee Saab Club
Saab Club of Minnesota
New Jersey SAAB Owners Club
Washington DC Saab Club
Saab Club of Finland
SAAB 96 Club of the Netherlands
SAAB Club of the Netherlands
Saab Owners Club of Great Britain
The SAAB Enthusiast
Sonett Club of Sweden
Saab Club of Sweden
RallyHo! Motorsports
The Saab Site
The Saab Network
Jeff Powell's Site
Classic Saab Racing
Karl's 99 Tips pages
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The New England Saab Association
The Spirit of SAAB - a journey into the character of an automobile
New England SAAB Links:
...the joy of driving...
Östgöta SAAB-klubb
Danish SAAB Klub
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The Vintage SAAB Club of North America (formerly The New England Sonett Club)
The Vintage SAAB Club of North America (formerly The New England Sonett Club)
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