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April 28, 2009
Hareko: Ameko, Ameko!! TAIHEN! Bad news!
Ameko: I know, Hareko, I was there with you when you opened the page.
Hareko: I can't believe...*sniff*...that GeoCities is shutting down!!
Ameko: *places a hand on Hareko's shoulder* I know, I know.
Hareko: We never even got to put the overhaul into place!
Ameko (to herself): I never actually got around to starting it...
Hareko: What are we going to doooo?!
Ameko: Well, the first thing is to stay calm. We have no intention to stay down. While we won't be able to use this Geocities page anymore, it doesn't mean we can't go elsewhere.
Hareko: So we're just going to move the site to another free host?
Ameko: Not exactly. As much as I like saving relics, I think we should approach it more as a phoenix-esque rebirth. In the future let's plan to appear again as a new and improved Chibi City!
Hareko: Okay~ But...how will people know when and where that will be?
Ameko: Well, there are two ways. The first is through the Anime Web Turnpike, whose link you see at the bottom of the page. We plan on re-registering there once the new site comes into existence. The other is through Webmaster "Tracey"'s DeviantArt page. It will probably be months and months until it is complete seeing as she is busy in Japan...but when the page is done she will say something.
Hareko: This is still too sad! I don't want to say good-bye!
Ameko: I don't either, Hareko. But time goes on, things change. We can't control that. But don't be sad - we will be back in time. Until then...
Thank you for visiting Chibi City! We hope to meet again someday.

March 22, 2008
Hareko: Holy shamoley! It's been a while, hasn't it!
Ameko: Indeed. Nothing like 5 years to date absolutely EVERYTHING on the site!
Hareko: You went out with everything on the website...?
Ameko: *rolls eyes* No, silly, I meant that everything that was cool five years ago is completely irrelevant now.
Hareko: Oh! Well then...what do we do?
Ameko: Well, I was thinking. We seem to get the most visitors in our "How to Draw Chibi" section, so why not dedicate Chibi City entirely to that? It's not like we're getting a ton of visitors these days anyhow...
Hareko: Ooh! That sounds neat! Can I draw the tutorials?
Ameko: Er...I'd rather you didn't...I'm not sure our guests would actually learn anything if you did.
Hareko: Aww...
Ameko: Anyway. What I'm trying to say here, dear guest, is that we're planning a massive overhaul. Chances are that it will take forever, but please know that we are considering it. Any questions, comments, or howls of outrage regarding the matter can be directed to us using the little e-mail button at the bottom of the page. Thank you for your support :)

February 25, 2003
Hareko: Ahh, despite the fact that the ground is coated in snow, I can feel spring coming!
Ameko: All I know is, I'm tired of this snow. It's so...dull after a while.
Hareko: Well, let's put up a new color scheme!
Ameko: Good plan. Just give me a little while - please excuse our appearance as we mess with colors! Thanks!
Hareko: Oh, and before we forget, we're working on a quiz...we're just working out the quirks, hehe!

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