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Yay! As you guessed this is my favorite band and if you have been to the rest of the website you know my favorite member as well! U2 have a very unique sound and a very unique attitude for a rock band!! Here is some about me and why I like the band -- Why do I like U2.(A little story about why I like my favorite band.) I first heard them on a soudtrack from a movie. The song was "With or Without You", and "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For". I was hooked. So I went out and I bought "Joshua Tree" and "Achtung Baby". Those are my 2 favorite cds to this day! Basicly I think U2 are a great band, with great music, who are fair to their fans... you got to like that!

My Favorites=

Song : "With or Without You", "Stay", "Even Better than the Real Thing", and "Do You feel Loved" But I love all songs!

U2 Book = "Far Away , SO Close" By B.P Fallon

Video = I don't know, that's too hard, ummmm Maybe "Popmart:Live from Mexico City", but I also love to see them interviewed.And I love "Achtung Baby and a Whole Lot of Interference from Zoo TV " , so it's a toss up.

Member = Hooo, that's a hard 1,... they're all attractive men (I'm only Human here...) and all very talented, I like Bono for his lyrics, and voice, Edge for all the great stuff he can do (All at the same time seemingly!), Larry for how he seems to keep the group together, and Adam for his Unique sense of rythm and not to mention his unique sense of style. They Continually keep my wondering hwo on earth they got 4 talented Really Attractive guys in the same band *Insane Grin*

CD = "Joshua Tree", or "Achtung Baby"

Soundtrack song = "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss me Kill Me...." (Known Better to Fans as "HMTMKMKM" .)

Favorite B-Side - "Lady With the Spinning Head"

Favorite Time frame for the lads - Achtung Baby . You can't beat that new, excited fresh sense they had then. Of course having one Heck of a hard time with actually recording that album might of had something to do with it. And you never can tell what the future brings for this band! :-)

Basic info about U2- They started in 1978, as young teens, who just wanted something to do after school, I don't think even they knew what U2 would turn into. First they were "Feedback", and then "Hype", and then (Bassist) Adam Clayton suggested the name"U2", he liked it but the rest of the band weren't sure. But eventually they became "U2". At first they just played, small shows, small pubs,... talent shows, untill a very smart person working for a major record campany heard them, and decided to help them on their way to fame. The first album was "Boy", followed by "October", then "War", ... by this time they had a following in the Uk. and were trying for one in the USA also. By the time "Unforgettable Fire" came out, they had a small Us following of fans, but "The Joshua tree" is really where US audiences heard them. After "Joshua tree" there was a live album , titled "Rattle and Hum", it was both an album and a video,most fans loved the album,but the video was met with mixed feelings by critics. I personal think it's great! After that the band took a short break, and then came out with "Achtung Baby", this was alot different the "Joshua Tree", this was dark humor, mixed with something you could dance to. Then came "Zooropa", more dance like tunes, and now "POP". "Best Of 1980-1990" Showcases some of their best known hits, as well as 15 "B-Sides", if you got the cd right away. It's rumored that there will be a new album sometime maybe late this year, or early next year... let's hope so. Some thing I discovered by listening through my headphones. On the "Unforgettable Fire"cd , the title song,... about 4 seconds into the song, if you're listening with headphones loudly you can hear a slight "tap, tap, tap, tap",... that's probably be Larry... then you hear some one whisper "Not Yet" (Or is it "Oh S**T?")(Adam Clayton Maybe?)... I thought it was interesting, but you have to listen very close to hear it.

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