what he means to me

Wooo Where to begin on this!! I suppose the good idea would be to begin telling you from the 1st time I listened to a U2 song I really liked the music. It stood out. It reached for me. It was amazing! The guitar riffs were so clear and sparkly sounding. the bass complimented as did the drums perfectly! And the singer's voice has this unique quality. I found out the band was called U2 and thus became a fan. I have bought books, videos, cds, and plan to buy many more!! I read about the band members and was so encouraged by Edge's story and the interviews. the whole band seemed like well deacent people! deacent rock stars. fancy that. Edge spent alot of his teen years alone. So to occupy his time he planned to learn the guitar and his brother and him builth their 1st guitar from an old acostic. He later got an electric. He meet up with these other 3 dudes. they were muscians too. I guess the rest of it, if you're a U2 fan you already know. Anyhows back to what I think of Edge -- what always seems to strike me when I read about or hear / watch interviews with and about the edge is that the man is an understated genius, a moral person who likes the music he plays but does not want to be glorfied for it. I have read he meet up with some fans in a park one time and calmly talked with them. I have also read that once he took plates of food out to fans that were waiting for hours for U2 to come out of their motel. this man is probablly a kind man who doesn't like to be heroized. He is indeed the Anti Guitar hero. On a call in radio station another report goes something to the effect of a fan calling in and asking edge how to play like Edge does , to which he replied - be yourself. And encouraged the young man to find his own style of playing. He is a great looking man who doesn't realize it. Or maybe he does?? Oh yes and his favorite color is blue!! Anyhow. Someone I e-mail whom lives in Dublin once told me she saw the edge in town. She ignored him. I don't know if I would do the same. I don't know what I would do If I met the Edge. Maybe faint or something dorky like that. Maybe I would ask him where a local music store is. Or maybe I would just thank him for the music. Or who knows maybe I would be bold enough to ask for a picture with him or a hug or something. Maybe I would tell him that he was part of my inspiration but not all of it to play the guitar, the instrument which I had wanted to play for a long time. Or maybe who great that he went for his dreams.

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