Quotes from Edge's Mouth and about him!

Here are some quotes may give some an idea what that talented and modest guitar playing genius the Edge is sort of like!!

"I suppose ultimately I'm interested in music. I'm a musician. I'm not a gunslinger. That's the difference between what I do and what a lot of guitar heroes do." Edge on his own inimitable laid back style.

"We decided on instinct almost, that it was the right image for the record, but the intellectual reasons I haven't quite sorted out in my own mind. It has a spiritual aspect which this record has, and also a great deal of mystery which I like. It's appropriate on many levels." Edge describing the desert imagery used on The Joshua Tree 1987

"Passengers was a result of that collaboration [with Brian Eno] - a soundtrack album without a movie." Edge sums up the essence of the 'Passengers' venture.

"I think the songs on this new record are probably the strongest songs we've ever had, so in that sense I'm very excited about the album." Edge enthuses about All That You Can't Leave Behind, 2000.

"Every album is difficult. If it was easy, we'd make one a month." Edge on the problems of making an album, 2000.

"Wow, wow. Um, well on a personal level this century has been going so well for us. We finished our album, I had a little baby boy a little while ago. (crowd applauds) The Jubilee 2000 work has been incredible. Just everything is going great. Theres been also some really great breakthroughs in science. The disposable mobile phone has come through, the three-blade razor, and now the female orgazmatron which.......(crowd cheers) is great ('He doesn't need that i don't think.' - Bono) uh no....(laughs) anyway... and now this. Listen thanks everybody. Our record company has been incredible, our management have been incredible, our producers....amazing. Thank You." ---- The Edge at the 2000 grammy awards

"Well, we seem to have lost our bass player, he went to the loo a couple of minutes ago and he still isn't back yet (spots Adam in the back) Oh Adam! This way! (motions for Adam to come onstage) Here he comes. I dunno about you but I'm still recovering from Whitney Houston. Ok. Ive a bit of a list here I'd like to read out its just a few people we thought we should thank. Umm, I've got to be careful with this list its got the boys votes 'n stuff on the back. Ok. 1st I'd like to thank our lawyer and friend Owen Epstien who couldn't be with us tonight. Thanks go to Paul McGuinness, our manager, for the loan of yet another suit. Um, our management team in New York and Dublin, Ellen and Anne-Louise, Island records, Atlantic records and the WEA, Frank Barcelona and Premier Talent , Everybody in college radio, I dunno where we'd be without them. I'd like to thank Jack Healy and Amnesty International for all their work, Desmond Tutu for his courage, Martin Luther King, I'd like to thank Bob Dylan for "Tangled Up and Blue", Flannery O'Connor, Jimi Hendrix, Walt Disney, John the Baptist, George Best, Gregory Peck, James T. Kirk, Morris Brat, Dr. Ruth, Batman and Robin, Luck The Dog, Pee Wee Herman, The YMCA, Eddie the Eagle, Sumo Wrestlers throughout the world, and of course, Ronald Regan." ---- The Edge at the '87 (?) grammy awards

-"The spinning was pretty hurl-inducing, but I was ok. Not my favorite kind of experience, but sometimes you have to suffer for your art." ---- on making the Elevation video

-"My attitude is that it should be something that the music industry should welcome with open arms. I don't have any of the sort of fears or paranoias that seem to be common amongst the music business. I think they're in danger of actually falling so far behind what's going on the Internet that they might actually just miss the boat, but um, it's great. I mean there's so many ways that it can develop and I'm sure there's ways that no-one's even thought of yet." ---- on the All That You Can't Leave Behind album

-"You know, the record we were trying to make was quite a bit more joyful and about a certain kind of love of live and vitality," says the Edge. "And that's in there, but there's also this other side, which sort of crept into the record almost without me noticing. And if the record was about breaking things back down to essentials, I suppose in the end mortality is the ultimate inescapable fact of life." ---- on the All That You Can't Leave Behind album

-"Amid the uncertainty there are certain ideas that are so powerful and so right that you can hold onto them no matter how screwed up everything else is."

-"As usual, we're out of step with what everyone else is doing. If you ever want to find out what's going on, look at what we're doing and it's going to be the opposite of it. In the middle of the materialistic '80s, here was this ascetic bunch standing in the desert singing songs, and now, when America is in the middle of a conservative, grim phase, we're sailing on a 40-foot lemon through the middle of it all."

-"That's one of the things that attracted me to rock & roll. Initially, there's that feehng of potential, of power, when you strap on an electric gultar. And then you leam that what it's really about is controlling that power. I mean, the guitar has been a big part of rock & roll. I just can't imagine Elvis holding a violin!"

-"In the last year it seems that U2 have done everything in the book - had a number one album and single, graduated to playing stadiums, and now a book, a movie and a live album are planned for 1988. What can you do for an encore?"

Edge: "Break up"

-"The edge is the border between something and nothing. I am not a particularly edgy person, so it is funny."

-"I suppose I am a Christian, but I am not a religious person."

-"It's a very unusual thing to be in a band like this. It's all very well being in a street gang when you're 16, but it's bloody weird when you're 32."

-"They [U2's parents] are still waiting for us to get proper jobs. I mean its kinda like 'Well you were lucky this time, but when are you gonna go back to school and become a doctor?'"

-"It's funny, but even within the space of one song, you can feel the audience come and go. The only thing to do is kick into heavier gear and go for it. Some of our best gigs have been ones that start off badly and then become manic and unpredictable. Heavy but cool is the key."

-"When we got ready for the European tour, we realized Mirrorball Man wouldn't really have any resonance. So we thought - let's boil him down to his essence. And who is he really? He's the devil." ---- on the development of MacPhisto

-"I don't feel that attached to my instruments. It's almost like I'm going to dominate them in some sort of way. I don't feel like they're part of me; they stand between me and something new."

-"It's dangerous to try and answer. I don't really feel it is our job. Our job, if anything, is to connect in a way, to express something that's personal to us that other people can relate to, that they might be feeling, that crystallizes something that's out there, anyway. It's much more to do with the moment and what others are going through that it has to do with you. You can write 100 songs that never mean a thing, and then you might write a song that means everything. There's a certain humbling realization that it sort of happens to you; it's not something you really can turn on and off." - when asked why the songs on POP didn't offer any answers

-"I was not going for purity, I was going for the opposite. I was trying to fuck up the sound as much as possible, go for something that was definitely messed with, definitely tampered with, had a character that was not just the regular guitar sound." ---- on his sound

-"The reason for being in a band initially was purely satisfaction. Having started for that reason, we started writing songs, we started doing things. And our academic careers just went out of the window. Because we suddenly realized that this was important to us."

-EDGE: "I just want to be respected for who I am."

OBNOXIOUS WOMAN: "And who are you, Dave Evans?"

EDGE: "A Big Rich Famous Rock Star!"

-"Music can be sooo boring, sooo conservative, sooo predictable."

-"Were not a punk band or ska band or whatever. We're just U2."

-"I didn't get into the band to become a celebrity. I got into the band because I wanted to play music and write songs and tour and do all that stuff."

-"I suppose the other three are the closest friends I have."

-"He's far funnier, takes himself far less seriously than most people think. He's wild, he's not reserved. None of the cliches that spring to mind when you think of most peoples' perception of him." ---- on Bono

-"I'm still very nervous about the 'christian' label. I have no trouble with Christ, but I have trouble with alot of christians."

-"Oh, I hate to see cows playing tag. Makes you think the hamburger you're eating may have been playing kiss-and-run the day before."

-"There's nobody to tell you that you're being a complete arsehole... which is maybe what's good about being in a band."

-"I have a terrible habit of finding really unimportant, trivial, manual things to do. I'll go mow the lawn, or find some piece of furniture that needs varnishing, or...paint the cat."

-"A clone. A clone with good timing so I could send him off to do all the things that I can't do." ---- on what he'd like to have that he doesn't have

-"I don't particularly like myth, but to me mystery is everything."

-"Don't ever try to reprogram a string section while the support band is playing above your head!"

-"I think this is where U2's future lies. Choreography. Four Tops type stuff."

-"This day has done everything it can for us. This day owes us nothing."

-"I like to dance."

-"I think some of the most exciting pieces of TV are the commercials."

-"When we talk about rock'n'roll, we're not gonna suddenly turn into Bon Jovi. We never meant that."

-"I'd look around, and I couldn't see the rest of the band."

-"I'd like to remix every U2 album."

What people are saying

"We've been trying to work out how to get all the Achtung Baby sounds live. Basically we can do it if Edge plays something different with every one of his appendages." Bono pushes Edge to the limit, January 1992.

-"Edge gets to dress up as an action hero, cause you know that thing about shy people are all really megalomaniacs trapped underneath. I think that's my theory about Edge. In fact, if you notice, he's wearing a number one t-shirt, he was planning to wear a number two t-shirt. And I saw him just, you know, he slipped on the number one. It's little things that give you away." ---- Bono during the making of the Elevation video

-"I'm not sure if Irish people can dance... except for The Edge, that is, who is our own funky chicken." ---- Bono

-"Edge is the good-looking boffin with great cheekbones, eyes gentle yet intense at the same time, and a mind that can find a bunch of wires and build a spaceship." ---- B.P. Fallon

-"The Edge is a really, really intense guy, he's got this incredibly high IQ, he's great at sorting out issues of worldly importance, it's just that he forgets the everyday things, like the chords of songs, where he is and so on." ---- Bono, 1983

- "His [Edge's] gaze drifts off into the air, mentally subdividing God-knows-what complex equation. It turns out he's wondering if right now Larry is finding the fan letter Edge left lying conspicuously in the dressing room. The letter tells Edge that he is 'the best-looking member of U2. Bono has a big nose and Larry looks like an inflatable doll.' Edge got the note in Australia and he plans to keep leaving it out until Larry notices it. 'Bass players attract the weirdest fans,' Edge says. 'I tend to get the bespectacled MIT students. Bono gets the poets. And Larry, unfortunately, gets the girls.' Edge sighs and repeats the old saw: 'We should have gotten a Ringo.' The Beautiful Boy himself enters the cafeteria, showing no signs of having yet seen himself described as inflatable. Edge gets up to collect his mash note for next time." ---- Bill Flannagan, U2 At the End of the World

-"Boom then in...cause the Edge is on a completely different timing as usual." ---- Larry, backstage during a gig

-"We've been trying to work out how to get all the Achtung Baby sounds live. Basically we can do it if Edge plays something different with every one of his appendages." ---- Bono (1992)

-"The first night Edge was in a cloud of dry ice when he got out of the lemon and I couldn't see him, but I knew he wasn't playing his guitar when he should have been. And I didn't know what to do exactly. And then I just heard this giggling. He was laughing his head off. I caught him through the fog. There is just a smidgen of (Spinal Tap's) Derek Smalls about him at the moment. But listen, that's balls." ---- Bono, on PopMart

-"A woman needs a man like The Edge needs a handicam" ---- Bono in concert singing Trying to Throw Your Arms Around the World

-"Edge your problem is you are too tasteful!" ---- Bono

-"They [U2's parents] weren't always supportive. Like Edges mother, Mrs. Edge we call her, had a little Volkswagen and she was a really cool lady and she would like put all the gear and all the band in the Volkswagen she'd like pick us up at 4am in the morning to take us home and she was out there so that worked. But my old man, when I came home at night, would be waiting at the top of the stairs with a machine gun, several knives, you know it was just target practice." ---- Bono

-"The last couple of records we started with shoes. This record we started with Edge's moustache. Theres alot of music you cant play when you've got a guy that looks like Edge in your band." ---- Bono

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