Your Blue Room

I thought I would make a themed page a blue room,, the song moves me and no matter how much I listen to it, it is a really surreal song and is very touching. It reminds me of the Edge a bit too, understatedly intense w/o being assuming or proud. Enjoy!

Above you see the pictures of a charming blue room a home of a man who lives there. A man called Davedge. He is actually from the game called the sims. As is the room...... you find yourself playing on your computer, and all of a sudden next to a wonderful blue house. The door has a blue bead curtain.

You peak inside and it seems a wonderful place to explore. You take a closer look at the door and notice a sign that says please come in. You yell hi and can I come in, but no one answers. You figure since there's no answer and with the sign on the door and all you might as well go in and have a look around. You see

A Window

A Bookshelf that looks like it's full of books and picture albums

A bookshelf that has guitar books and items on it

A computer

A bed

and a clothing trunk . You decide to -- (click the link to proceed )

You look out the window

shelf A better place to start with would be the shelf with the photo albums

Or the shelf with the guitar stuff

the computer

the Bed

the clothing trunk

the tv is on

the phone is ringing

there is a mixing table over there too

And there's a guitar

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