Welcome to my U2 page!!!!!!!!! there are *SO* many fan pages out there that I want my page to be something, well, something quite different than the rest. I want my page to be an Experience.

Please be sure to Check out the links to all the other fun areas of this website- along with the polls and outside links at the very bottom of this page!

Stay a litle while!

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I didn't make these dolls. To see dolls I've made and to find out who made these cute lil U2 dolls, please Click here

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Edge's Hand
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In my new U2 News ------ I've just gotten "U2 Elevation Live From Boston", and must say it is LOVELY! The dvds feature tons of fun extra things! I owuld write a review, but not only would that spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it, there are so many better sites for reviews out there.
I NJust recieved and watched "Making of the Joshua Tree" and it is so awesome! A very cool behind the scenes look ! Also, note the part where Bono winces at his own singing. ! LOL :-)

All the pictures on the site and other things that I know of are all free to use for the public. If any of this stuff is copyrighted or shouldn't be on here please do let me know!! Also your comments and other opinions too! this website is not an official website, is not endorsed in any way with U2 any of it's members or management. However uhm if U2 want to endorse my website that would certainly be cool!!


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