You have been walking for what seems like days. Right before you think you are about to collapse, you view an old castle.

It doesn't seem inviting, but you are exhausted and starving. You bang on the big wooden door and it swings open. You are greeted by a pale women with black hair and purple eyes. She is dressed in flowing green gown of the Renaissance.

"Greetings" she says. "You must be tired after your long journey. Come in and rest."

As she leads you through corridors, she speaks with you. "I used to live here with only my brother, but lately we have had many visitors. Our doors are always open, and you may stay as long as you wish. We ask for few things in return for your stay, but I will let you rest before you have to be burdened with rules. Until morning." She gives you a wink and a bow, and is on her way.

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