This is just a site about me and my friends bad ass cars
Click below to look at pictures and descriptions of my friends cars and mine
These are performance cars
Erik's '69 Mustang
Erik's '90 5.0 Mustang
My mom's '94 Chevrolet S10
My '86 Camaro
I am anti-import which pretty much means I hate import cars all they do is put big air filters and big fat annoying mufflers on their cars and think they are the coolest thing in the world but you know what import people YOUR CARS SUCK
If I post an import on my site it is because it is one of my friends cars and I feel obligated to.
These are cars that are completely stock and cannot compete with the performance cars
Chai's '95 V6 Camaro
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If anyone has a cool car they want to have put on here e-mail me with a picture and with a description.
The Cars
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my pictures aren't the greatest right now but I will take better ones when I get the chance.
R.I.P   Dale
for my in memory of Dale Earnhardt page
My brothers '95 Z28
Chai's '00 Camaro SS
Murat's '00 civic
Dan's '96 Mustang GT
My '01 Camaro SS
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