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The Button Bower ~ Hello, and welcome to the Button Bower, a site for beautiful antique and vintage buttons, buckles, and vintage jewellery findings.

Blue House Buttons ~ Thanks for visiting Blue House Buttons. Feel free to browse our many different items.

Antique Button Collecting ~ Did your Grandma have a button drawer? Bet she had a ton of antique buttons and collectibles in there. Antiques in general require a lifetime's study to master, but when you hone in on antique button collectibles, finding, valuing and selling antiques become a snap.

Button Images ~ Welcome to our web page. Button Images was established for the purpose of collecting information and archiving images of collectible buttons. To encourage the exchange of information and access to collectible buttons, we strive to enhance the awareness of button collecting by providing services for collectors and antique dealers or other interested individuals. Utilizing computer information services and our network of contacts, information is exchanged and buyers and sellers are introduced. Through these exchanges, information and collections become accessible and information is added to our database.

Habadash ~ Welcome to the Habadash website. Our aim is to treat you to beautiful items of classic, playful, colorful, creative and unique bits & bobs. We're always sourcing rarities which will enhance your antique and vintage collections.

Mildred's Antiques ~ Welcome to Mildreds-Antiques Vintage Sewing Buttons Page -- Mildred's is a Minneapolis Antique Shop filled with Vintage Items for the Home and Individual. This is my favorite page since I am a button collector and belong to the Minnesota Button Society and the National Button Society and love antique buttons.

Fun Celluloids ~ I've loved vintage, hand-tooled, colorful celluloid buttons since I started collecting. I'll bet you love them too! Here are some examples of the types I love best!

Uniform Button Catalogue ~ We buy and sell military, police and other uniform buttons. Our sew-on uniform button catalogue is now so big (about 1300 different types) that we have split it into smaller sections so that the web pages load faster.

Julia's Buttons & Notions ~ Buttons, buttons, buttons -- vintage, crafting, sets, poke box, hand-crafted and more!

NBS Show Information ~ Every August, thousands of collectors converge on a destination selected two years beforehand to buy, sell, learn about, and enter competition with buttons. On behalf of the National Button Society, welcome to the official NBS Show Information Site.

Vintage ~ Welcome to the one-stop website for antique clothing buttons, vintage buttons, collectible buttons, new and vintage Czech glass buttons, uniform buttons, button buying/selling and general button information pages.

Diana's Buttons ~ Welcome to Diana's Buttons! My main focus is the British-made Uniform buttons. Please check out the Other Uniform Buttons page below for some really neat choices - especially the Peruvian Diplomat's buttons! Along with the buttons, I have included information on the backmarks of British Buttons, as well as articles and reference material I hope will be of interest to you.

Buttonjoss Books & Buttons ~ Announcing the latest work by Jocelyn Howells -- BUTTON MATERIALS A-Z: Identification Guide -- a must-have button book, unlike any other.

Jewelry Finding Online ~ We sell antique buttons, vintage buttons and some newer ones. Old buttons are hard to find and can be very expensive depending on the type of construction. There are many categories and styles: metal, Victorian, picture, black glass, vegetable ivory, goofies, military, celluloid, china, and colored glass. I scour the New England area in search of button collections.

Button Research ~ Hello & welcome! This is a pro bono website dedicated to the promotion of research and the free exchange of information on everything to do with buttons, which can be of all shapes, sizes and materials from any nation or period. Buttons from one country can turn up in any other. Some arrive as the spoils or detritis of war; others were imported for their beauty and quality. In recent years, the activities of collectors have added to the worldwide distribution. This as a work in progress; why not assist to improve it?

Исторические пуговицы сайт для коллекционеров [Historical Button Site for Collectors] ~ В классификаторе публикуются изображения мундирных и ливрейных пуговиц Российской империи до 1917 года. Пуговицы сгруппированы в соответствии с их принадлежностью к военным подразделениям, гражданским министерствам и ведомствам, учебным заведениям и частным организациям.[In the classifier are published the images of the military and livery buttons of the Russian Empire until 1917. Buttons are grouped in accordance with their membership in military subdivisions, civil ministries and departments, educational institutions and particular organizations.]

Jewels & Finery ~ All sorts of antique & vintage buttons - blazer buttons, uniform buttons, craft buttons, fashion buttons, star buttons, classic fisheye buttons, round buttons, square buttons, shaped buttons, crested buttons, regimental buttons, plastic buttons, metal buttons, wooden buttons - to name a few.

Ogosh Buttons & Beads ~ Where Buttons Begin. Learn about the Hobby of Collecting Antique & Vintage Collectible Clothing Buttons. Everything you always wanted to know from Prices to History to Buying. How to Join a Local, State, National or even an Internet Button Club? O'gosh Buttons has all this information plus more.

Vintage Buttons & Handmade Souvenirs ~ Vintage collectible buttons and lovely handmade souvenirs.

Golden Age Buttons ~ We specialise in antique and collectable buttons for dealers, private collectors, museums, dressmakers, theatre & film costumiers, and re-enactment groups. We aim to provide a friendly, efficient service for all who - like us - are lovers of buttons. You can now view and buy on-line from our frequently updated stocks of buttons. We buy buttons as well as sell them.

Toma Collection ~ このコレクションは、特に20世紀の プラスティックボタンに焦点をあてています。 長い歴史をもつアンティックボタンの魅力を 知ると同時に、過ぎ去った20世紀を プラスティックボタンの世紀と位置付けて、 現代を生きる私達の感性により訴える力をもつ モダンなクラシックボタンの魅力を、 その素材とデザインを知ることで評価していく コレクションにしたいと考えています。 This collection features specially plastic buttons. In addition to presenting the passion of the traditional antique buttons, I would like to define the 20th century as the century of the plastic button. My small intention is to evaluate these modern ''classic'' buttons fully, because they are more familiar to our modern senses. To evaluate them properly, we should first know the materials and designs.

Clubs for Button Collectors ~ Location and Membership Information.

Button Information Index ~ Thanks for visiting the Button Information Index.

Washington State Button Society ~ Welcome to the Washington State Button Society's web site! Please check back often to catch any updates.

Worldly Goods Buttons ~ Products Of Quality And Fine Design. Buttons, clasps, pendants, and charms available in sterling silver, white bronze, yellow bronze, or red bronze. Each one created to give you pleasure and enjoyment.

Hair Buttons ~ Using techniques from the 1700 and 1800's these buttons are fashioned from a lock of your loved one's hair into the design of your choice. "Hair Art" is made by using special glue and laying the hair flat closely together onto a thinly sliced pearl background. The hair is then cut into shapes which are formed into flowers and petals. Tiny seed pearls are applied to make a added finish. "Hair Art" was made as a sentimental way to remember a loved one during the Victorian times. These pieces are heirlooms to be passed from generation to generation.

Byson Buttons ~ Jane Quimby and Deborah Hanson joined forces, and buttons, to form Byson Buttons. Buttons, button note cards, eBay listings, and show schedule.

A Button Collector's Book List ~ An expanded of Keith Golden's button bibliography, with additional books, reviews, and purchase links.

Russian Magic ~ Beautiful artisan hand painted, hand tooled buttons from Russia. All wood based, not the usual papier mache types. The natural wood colored buttons feature inner core birch bark tooled and set into birch wood.

The Texas State Button Society ~ Welcome to our official website. The Texas State Button Society encourages and promotes the interest in collecting buttons for educational and historical purposes, for personal enjoyment, and to preserve for future generations all that is beautiful and historical in buttons.

Handmade Lampwork Glass Studio Buttons by Mavis Smith ~ I have been making lampwork beads since 1997. Several years ago, I began adding handmade studio buttons to my repertoire of lampwork beads. My techniques involve the use of an oxygen/propane torch, glass rods, and sundry other materials, such as frit (crushed glass), silver foil, powdered glass, and hand pulled canes. I make many styles of glass buttons, from sculptural to paperweight. My favorite subjects are fairies and mermaids and are mostly one of a kind. While I may make similar items, each handmade button is unique and special. I anneal all my work in a digitally controlled kiln to assure a lasting work of art. I make my own canes, known as murrine and sometimes as millefiore. The techniques are similar to the way polymer clay artists build canes, except I work with molten glass. My canes are directly assembled in the flame and can involve days of making and assembling various parts to complete a final product suitable for use in my lampwork beads and buttons.

Florilegium Antiques & Needleart ~ Rare and Beautiful Ingredients to Fuel Your Creative Fire ©2002

Bottoni nella Moda italiana, anni 1950-60 ~ Riconosciuta in tutto il mondo come massima espressione nel settore dell'abbigliamento, la moda italiana deve il suo successo anche ai particolari dei suoi accessori, come il bottone, che hanno contribuito a determinare il gusto, l'eleganza e la qualita' del prodotto italiano. Il sito vuole essere una sintesi completa del bottone italiano degli anni '50-'60, sviluppato nei materiali dell'epoca (galalite, legno, madreperla, passamaneria, ecc.). Ricercatezza nei particolari e design sono il risultato di un intenso lavoro di gruppo con la partecipazione di architetti e designers. [Recognized all over the world like maximum expression in the field of apparel, the Italian fashion must its happened one also to the details of its accessories, like the button, that they have contributed to determine the taste, elegance and the quality of the Italian product. The site wants to be a complete synthesis of the Italian button of the years '50-'60, developed in the materials of the age (galalite, wood, pearl, passamanterie, etc). Refinement in the details and designs are the result of an intense job of group with the participation of architects and designers.]

Fancy a Button ~ Welcome to Fancy A Button -- An Online Button Store Filled with Unique and Fancy Sewing Buttons for Clothing and Costume Designers and Builders, Buttons for Collectors, Sewing, Knitting, Quilting and Fabric Embellishment Projects, and Hand-Crafted Button Bracelets and Jewelry.

Czech Glass Buttons ~ Here's a special collection of beautiful vintage-look Czech Glass buttons made in the Czech Republic today in a wide variety of shapes, colors and finishes. Also shown are some vintage Czech glass buttons.

Rail Transportation Uniform Buttons ~ Here's a small collection of rail transportation uniform buttons that happen to be mostly from the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas of California. Just for fun and information.

CC's Buttons ~ Welcome to CC's Buttons, your one-stop shop for vintage buttons, antique buttons, collectible buttons and uniform buttons.

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