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Camping at Lake Cachuma, California Summer 1996

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Bobbycat's Information:
KNOWN AS:   Bobbycat
 NICKNAME:   Bobby or Bob
  REAL NAME:   Robert A. Levine
  DATE OF BIRTH:   March 27, 1959
  PROFESSION:   Accounting Manager / Systems Engineer / Computer Geek / BBS Dork / ICQ Junkie
  LOCATION:   Stevenson Ranch, CA USA (Near Los Angeles)
  ICQ#:   874081
  Yahoo! Messenger:   Bobbycat1439
  AOL Instant Messenger:   Bobby1439
  PHONE #:   800-YOU-WISH
  EMAIL:   bobby@csiway.com

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To Christine McVie, (My 2nd Favorite Songbird),

I sincerely hope you enjoy your retirement...
But when you are ready to return to the limelight...
Millions of adoring fans will welcome you back, with open arms.

(Yeah, right, Like she will ever see this!! LOL!!)

Stop those


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Bobby is,

proudly, a Non-Smoker since

some time soon!

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