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Hi, I'm Brian Keahl. Welcome to my home page! You will find everything from partisan GOP positions to what some GOP Folks would call "heresy". I will use this page to rant at the Liberal Left and what I've begun to call the Liberal Right. I'll praise and trash the Libertarians, Perot folks and many others. You'll also endure my almost religious admiration of Ronald Reagan (See the Reagan Page).

My Rants are primarily my own writings about particular things that really tick me off at a time when I have a few moments to write something down about it. The Clinton X-Files are more well researhced productions complete with musical scores and pictures describing strange events surrounding this administration (I know, it's like fish in a small bucket). I also have a growing library of Audio clips from Ronald Reagan and others. Finally, I have a page of links that I really like.

My Reading List has some really great books that I enjoyed. I believe that you may enjoy many of them as well. These wonderful books range from Science Fiction to The Classics to Politics (like, duh!). I hope that you'll review My Reading List where you can read my reviews and even purchase the books on-line!

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