DALnet Channel #SiAM's Homepage

The channel for people who are interested in Thailand and chatting with Thai people

What is #Siam?:

#Siam is an IRC channel (or chatroom) on DALnet.
The channel is used by people from Thailand, thai people from outside Thailand and people who like to chat
with thai people and their guests in #Siam
The language used in #Siam is mostly thai/english (thai written without thai letters) or plain english.
Thai letters are also used at this time.
Some people in #siam also use colored text and sounds
Other thai channels in DALnet include #siamplaza #siamkids #siamchat #thaichat #thailand and others.
This homepage was made to inform you about #siam and its users and provide help with some IRC things also.

Link section:
Intro to channel #siam written by Bitdown
Rules of the channel - What are they ?? Do we need rules ?
Help pages - About how to do IRC stuff
Short intro to IRC - What is this IRC thing anyway?
More info about DALnet Map, Servers, Lag, Ping and stuff
The OP's page - Some Info and some e-mail links of the OP's in #Siam
The Users Page (1) - People who use #siam
The Users Page (2) - More People who use #siam
Links to things - Links related to Siam/Thailand
Info about DALnet - About the IRC network

For help or more info Please mail to: siamdalnet@yahoo.com

If you use #Siam allready and would like to be on the Userpages then please send a mail with the mail-link also.

Many use the mIRC (now v 6.17) program to access IRC : Home of mIRC

You can also try out the DALnet from your browser through a java client located at: Home of DALnet

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